Ban fracking?

Greater Manchester tells firms they are not welcome


Earthquake rules must be relaxed for fracking to take off in Britain, says Ineos chief

Britain's fracking industry is unlikely to realise its potential unless rules governing earthquakes at drilling sites are loosened, according to the petrochemicals giant with the biggest exploration rights.

Ministers have championed the controversial shale gas extraction technique, giving the go-ahead to the first operation in the UK for seven years at a site in Lancashire.

However, business at the Preston New Road site has had to be repeatedly put on hold by fossil fuel exploration company Cuadrilla due to minor earth tremors.

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What is fracking? Your need-to-know guide to fracking in the UK

Fracking continues to be a polarising topic. In October 2018, a fracking site in Lancashire - the first in the UK to begin operations in the last seven years - opened in the face of protests from anti-fracking groups. But what is fracking and why is it so controversial?

Fracking in the UK

The fracking site on Lancashire's Fylde coast is operated by the energy firm Cuadrilla, which was given the go-ahead for the site by Sajid Javid, the then communities secretary. Javid - who is now home secretary - overturned the verdict of Lancashire county council, which had previously turned down two planning applications from Cuadrilla.

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Mancester Evening News

Fracking to be formally opposed by all Greater Manchester town halls

Greater Manchester's town halls are to oppose any bid to start fracking in the conurbation amid safety and environmental fears.

Under plans to be unveiled on Monday, all ten local authorities will write into their planning policies a 'presumption' against any request to drill for shale gas.

While companies could still take any rejection to appeal, leaders hope the latest move will strengthen their legal argument and deter plans from being submitted in the first place.

The policy comes amid ongoing controversy over fracking in Lancashire, where drilling was suspended towards the end of 2018 following a series of earthquakes.

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