Back to work class divide?

Working class people are more likely to have to travel again

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Many more middle class workers able to work from home than working class workers

Around a quarter of British workers are still unable to work from home at all.

Since the UK went into lockdown YouGov has been tracking the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the public. Today we are looking at how Britons’ work lives have been affected. The data was collected from 8-11 May: future research will examine the impact of the loosened lockdown which comes into effect on 13 May on the workforce.

One in twenty Britons (5%) report having lost their job – this is equivalent to about 8% of the workforce. A further 15% of Brits say they have had their pay or hours reduced – the vast majority of these will be furloughed: a separate question found 14% saying they were on the government scheme.

Perhaps the most obvious consequence of the coronavirus outbreak has been the closure of most of the nation’s workplaces, with much of the population now working from home as best they can.

Prior to the crisis, only 7% of workers say they worked from home the whole time, with an additional 20% saying they did so on occasion.

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