Overseas medics will save NHS?

Peer says NHS requires more training not endless immigration


Andrew Green: Staffing the NHS properly requires more training - not endless immigration

Pressure on the overall immigration target is rapidly growing, but the immediate issue is the cap on skilled workers, where the Prime Minister's insistence leaves her looking increasingly isolated. A bunch of MPs have written to Number Ten, and various cabinet ministers are said to support them. Sajid Javid said recently that he is taking a "fresh look" at he issue.

The immigration lobby are asking us to believe that raising (or even abolishing) the cap on skilled migration would solve so many problems at a stroke.

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The NHS has a recruitment crisis - heightened by the 'hostile environment'

Disastrous NHS workforce strategy meets racism and discrimination

Our NHS is suffering a recruitment and retention crisis caused by the effects of sustained and significant underfunding, a failed workforce strategy (doctor and nurse training posts were cut in 2010) and the impact of low morale on NHS staff.

There are 100,000 vacancies in a workforce of 1.3million. Of these 35,000 nursing posts are vacant.
The service is currently 10,000 doctors short across both primary and secondary care and yet foreign doctors' offered training posts in NHS hospitals have been refused visas by the Home Office as it extends its 'hostile environment' with racist undertones to the NHS.

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