Optimistic about 2019?

Feeling good about the new year, or is it more of the same?


Six Reasons To Be Optimistic About Earth's 2019

Cleantech investors have a habit of sounding the alarms. We remind everyone how little time remains to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. But rarely do we point out reasons to be optimistic about humanity's future on planet Earth.

If we didn't have any hope though, why would we invest in breakthrough technologies? If the future were so dismal, why strive to transform industries and economies? That is not the behavior of doomed people.

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John Humphrys - 2019: a Bright or Gloomy Prospect? | YouGov

As the increasingly lengthy Christmas break finally comes to an end, normal life resumes and we are confronted with the prospect of a new year. If most of the media forecasts for 2019 are to be believed, it's a prospect about which we should feel deep apprehension, if not trepidation. Stick your head under the duvet and don't emerge till this time next year, seems to be the measure of it. And it's not hard to make the case why this should be so. But is it the whole story? Or should we be looking ahead to the coming year with as much optimism as pessimism?

There was a time when, at least in the political world, a new year somehow looked wholly different from the old one.

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The Pessimist's Guide to 2019: Fire, Floods, and Famine

It’s the end of 2019 and America’s bountiful harvest is in. But President Donald Trump is facing a crisis few contemplated the year before: a food shortage almost everywhere else in the world.

The seeds were sown after an unexpectedly severe El Niño and widespread droughts diminished food production around the world, roiling trade patterns already broken by a tariff war. Hunger was rampant and refugees were on the move.

Attention turned toward North America, where crop yields were ample and supplies plentiful. The U.S. was in a position to help. What would the president decide?

If what you are about to read sounds far-fetched, remember this: All the weather disasters and most of the policy scenarios described here have happened in the past. Just not at once.

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