Nose hair extensions?

Are nose hair extensions the next beauty trend?

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Nose hair extensions?

At the start of 2017, beauty bloggers couldn't stop writing about eyebrows. There were posts on microblading, brow gels, and some writers were even turning their brows into branded logos.

As we move towards 2018, however, another type of female facial hair is taking its turn in the spotlight - nose hairs.

On October 5, Instagram user Gret_Chen_Chen posted an image of herself wearing fake eyelashes in her nose.

According to reports, the image was meant as a joke. However, it caught the imaginations of the online world and other Instagram users and bloggers started following suit - and seemingly, not just in jest.

Of course, nose hair extensions aren't the first unusual beauty trend the world has ever seen. 2017 was the year of lollipop lips.

This style, in which lipstick is applied and then slightly smudged around the lips, was created and championed by MAC Cosmetics' artists for London Fashion Week.

Writer Rachel Nassum argues: "Personally, I think the look channels a certain carefree je ne sais quoi (but I love any excuse for imperfection)."

Other writers were not so sure. BuzzFeed commented, "It's reminding people of either a bad makeup application, or just a really bad rash."

Ear make-up has also been a talking point this year. According to Marie Claire, the concept really took off at Paris Fashion Week in 2014. However, it's continued into 2017. In April, blogger Kari Molvar wrote: "If you’ve already experimented with ear cuffs and tattoo jewelry, you’re ready for the next breakout beauty trend: Ear makeup."

And who can forget the vajazzle. The Waxing Studio describes the phenomenon as follows, "First seen on reality television show The Only Way is Essex, Vajazzles are becoming an increasingly sought-after beauty treatment.

"Very popular for holidays and around the festive period – why not add a little secret sparkle for certain eyes only?!

"The treatment includes small gems being arranged in a design on the pubic triangle, the shape is often chosen from a selection of ready made options. Vajazzles are usually combined with a Hollywood or Brazilian wax. Once the area is smooth, the crystals are applied in just a few minutes."

So are we to take nose hair extensions seriously? Or will they be hair today, gone tomorrow?

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