Hunting with dogs?

Is hunting with dogs part of countryside life, or the pursuit of a few?


Hunting with dogs to be 'effectively halted' in Scotland

Scottish ministers are cracking down on hunting with hounds in moves that will effectively shut down the activity north of the border.

They have pledged to close loopholes in the law, including limiting to just two the number of dogs that can be used to hunt down a fox in hiding.

Measures are also being planned to ensure that "trail hunting" is not adopted north of the border.

Hunting foxes with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002 but hunts across the UK can exploit an exemption called "flushing to guns", which means letting hounds chase foxes out from cover such as woods into the open, to be shot by a marksman.

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Does hunting with dogs reflect countryside values? Rural residents in England and Wales have their say:

A recent poll of rural residents in England and Wales has found that hunting with dogs enjoys only marginal participation and is seen by the majority of those polled to not reflect the values of the countryside.

Survation's rural values and activities poll, conducted on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, shows that 91% of respondents believe that observing nature reflects countryside values, compared to 16% who agreed with the statement that hunting with dogs reflects the values of the countryside - 67% disagreed.

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The Guardian

Foxhunting ban being ignored, say environmental groups

Environmental groups fear the ban on foxhunting is being ignored as hunters prepare for the largest event of the year this Boxing Day.

Across the country, 53 foxhunts are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, including two on National Trust land. However, campaigners say there are likely to be more fox, hare and stag hunts that are not listed.

Hunting groups have faced allegations that blood sport has continued under the guise of trail hunting, and charities say there have been dozens of reports of foxes being pursued and killed since November 2018 when the hunting season began.

Chris Pitt, the deputy director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Wild animals – including foxes, hare and deer – are still being chased to exhaustion across the British countryside before being torn to pieces by packs of trained hunting hounds.

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