Does Big Foot exist?

Family of sasquatch spotted at Yellowstone Park


DNA Analysis Debunks Bigfoot Myth, Points to Unknown Bear Species

The legend of the enormous creature variously known as a yeti, Bigfoot or Sasquatch has long been a source of mystery. But now a study of supposed Bigfoot hair samples has revealed that they actually derive from known mammals including bears, cows, dogs or horses.

A team of scientists led by Bryan Sykes, a human genetics professor at the University of Oxford, analyzed DNA from 30 samples of Bigfoot hair donated by museums and enthusiasts.

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Author convinced of Sasquatch existence

Christopher L. Murphy has written several books on the subject of Big Foot's existence.

He says sightings go back hundreds of years and thousands of reports have been logged. And although there are 'mountains of evidence' they're not yet enough to convince scientists.

He says a one-minute 16mm film taken in 1967 at Bluff Creek, California, (see above) provides some strong evidence.

The film (commonly known as the Patterson/Gimlin film) has been professionally analysed by a forensic examiner and could not be found to be a fake.

It was determined that the length of the creature's arms would be present in only one in 52.5 million people and the length of its legs in only one out of a 1,000 people.

Large human-like hand and footprints have also been found in remote wilderness. With the footprints an average of 15.6 inches long they are significantly different to a bear's paws. Characterisitcs suggest a primate of some sort, but the size and excessive weight to make them (depth of impressions) rule out humans.

What appear to be dermal ridges (like fingerprints) in the foot do not correspond to those of humans.

Preliminary DNA analysis from a blood sample - found on a trap set by hunters trying to catch the animal that was trashing their cabin - does not match neither human nor chimpanzee.

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Yellowstone webcam captures 'family of six Bigfoot' shuffling out from the trees

Bigfoot, the elusive woodland creature which only appears when people have really low-res cameras, has been spotted again.

But this time, it was seen on an official Yellowstone Park webcam - although, naturally, the webcam footage was filmed on a smartphone for that classic grainy look.

A family of strange, shuffling creatures was filmed near Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser, according to YouTuber Bahinko.

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