Could William be next King?

It would be unusual, but the option is still available

Daily Express

Prince Charles WILL become King because Prince William DOESN'T want role yet

Gill Knappett said the Duke of Cambridge has no desire to take the reins early, despite a shock survey revealing almost half of Britons want the 35-year-old to become the next monarch after Queen Elizabeth II rather than his father, Charles.

The Prince of Wales is said to be desperate to become King of the United Kingdom and has spent his whole life preparing for the role.

Writing in 'Charles, Prince of Wales', Ms Knappett said: "Prince William does not wish to take the throne early.

"Although, like his father, William will be destined to have a far shorter reign than his grandmother, he has has said he has no desire to 'climb the ladder of kingship' before his time.

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Could the throne pass to Prince William instead of Charles?

By Joe Harker

With Royalty there is the line of succession, as the crown passes to the eldest child of the monarch and their eldest child becomes the heir. The British Queen is Elizabeth II, her eldest child Charles is heir apparent and his eldest child William is next in line. However, there has been the suggestion that the crown could skip a generation and go straight to William. It could happen, but there would be many who disagree with such an idea and some who might think it goes against the idea of monarchy.

International Business Times suggests there is a chance for William to be the next monarch and report that the Queen sees him as "the future" of the family and possessing the "star quality" that will keep the Royal family in the public favour. They also report that she fears Charles and his wife Camilla are not as well liked by the public. Times are changing and while many respect Elizabeth they may not have that same feeling for her successor. It could be important for the monarchy's survival to continue to be thought well of.

However, People claims the rumors of the crown skipping a generation are untrue. They point towards the law of the land, with the Queen not able to choose her own successor due to the 1701 Act of Settlement. It states that Parliament determines the successor to the throne and they would be unlikely to make such a big decision that passes over Charles. He would therefore have to refuse the throne himself or abdicate, but that would be unlikely.

It would be Charles' decision, though doing so could be seen as departing from traditions that hold the whole thing together. In the modern world the idea of monarchy is sometimes seen as an outdated concept, Charles abdicating for his more popular son may be possible and have the initial support of the public, but if it is done because of public opinion that could change the overall perception of the monarchy.

The BBC wonder what kind of King Charles will be, as he has been outspoken on several subjects including climate change. He has been asked whether he would continue to promote discussion when he takes the throne but said his participation in debates would be "not in the same way". Those who worry that he would continue to be outspoken as King may have had their fears allayed.

Then again, Charles will be the oldest monarch to take the throne when his time comes and the Queen has supposedly been teaching William some important lessons when it is his turn. Both have been raised for a life of duty and both will have been very aware of the succession laws.

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Daily Express

Does this suggest Prince Charles WILL hand the crown to Prince William and make him king?

Prince Charles may never be king, according to the latest odds.

Odds give the Duke of Cambridge an outside chance of usurping the throne.

Bookies Betway have it at 11/2 that Prince Charles will hand down his crown to his eldest son Prince William, 34.

The online bookmaker currently makes the Prince of Wales odds-on at 1/10 to become the 42nd monarch.

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