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Empathy Day

What is Empathy Day?

Empathy Day was founded by EmpathyLab as an annual event after a successful 2017 pilot; in 2018 it is on 12 June.

It focuses on using books as tool to build more understanding between us all, because scientific research shows that reading builds our real-life sensitivity towards other people. Reading empathy boosting stories and poems can help to challenge prejudice and build connections between us all.

Empathy Day's calls to action

READ - because reading in itself can make us more empathetic

SHARE - because sharing books can connect us in new ways

DO - put empathy into action and make a difference in your community

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How reading can boost empathy | Tes News

Here’s a question for you: how empathic do you think you are? As a teacher, it’s likely your answer will be ‘very’. But how empathetic do you think your pupils are? This answer may vary more.

In a society in which hate crimes are rocketing and public discourse is arguably more divisive ever, being able to empathise – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person – is something that every member of our society should be able to do.

But what about those who seemingly have low levels of empathy? Can they become more empathic? Is it a skill that can be taught?

Yes, says Miranda McKearney, founder of community interest company Empathy Lab.

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