Time to loosen the lockdown?

England is racing out of lockdown whether it's the right time or not

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Loosening lockdown: the public view

A snap YouGov poll finds public support for the new, looser lockdown measures.

Life in England takes another step towards normality on July 4th, with the Government announcing that restaurants, pubs and hairdressers will reopen, alongside museums, cinemas and other attractions.

People across England will also now be able to visit people from one other household, indoors, so long as they remain one metre apart – the newly-reduced social distancing rule.

A snap YouGov poll of yesterday’s announcements finds Britons largely support the loosening of the lockdown. Close to two-thirds (64%) support proposals to open venues like hairdressers, cinemas, museums and galleries, while 73% support being able to be indoors with another household. Six in ten (60%) support both changes.

By contrast, these measures are opposed by 30% and 19% respectively, with 17% opposing both.

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