Run to look younger?

Is running the best way to ward off the affects of aging?

Does Running Actually Make You Look Older?

Marta's article concerning running's ability to make us look younger stirred up some controversy a couple weeks back. People argued that running actually had the opposite effect, making people look far older than they actually are, which had us scratching our heads. Could it be true? The simple answer is yes and no.

There seemed to be two arguments against running, one discussing a runners body and the other about a runners face, first, we'll cover the body.

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Can aerobic exercise slow down ageing?

"Running is better than weight training at reversing signs of ageing," reports The Independent.

Researchers from Germany assessed the impact of 3 types of exercise - high intensity interval training, endurance walking or running, and weight training - on signs of ageing in human blood cells.

They found that, after 6 months of exercising for 45 minutes 3 times a week, all types of exercise improved fitness, but only interval training and running or walking had an effect on signs of cellular ageing.

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Running is better than lifting weights at reducing signs of ageing

By Jane McGuire

We don't need to tell you that running can help you feel better, but according to a new study, it can help you look better too. The study, published in the European Heart Journal assessed the impact of different forms of exercise on the body.

Researchers from Leipzig University in Germany compared the effects of endurance, HIIT and resistance training.

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