Punish anti-vaxxers?

Australia to issue monthly fines to anti-vaxxer parents


Vaccinologist: NZ can do better than Australia's 'draconian' vaccination policy

Australia have made a bold move regarding vaccination, but could it actually work?

The government have begun fining parents $30 a fortnight, by holding back family support payments for beneficiaries if their child isn't vaccinated.

It is part of the government's 'No jab, no pay' programme and will affect tens of thousands. There are 40,000 Aussie children under seven who have not been vaccinated because their parents refuse.

So the question is - should we follow suit?

Vaccinologist, Helen Petousis-Harris, says she believes there are better ways of encouraging high vaccination rates other than attempting to be financially forceful.

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Myths about children's vaccines - NHS.UK

Can you overload a baby's immune system with too many vaccines? Should your toddler have an MMR jab if they have severe eczema? Is it true that babies shouldn't go swimming before they've had their jabs?

There are many myths and misunderstandings about whether it's safe to have a vaccine. Here are the facts.

Vaccination facts

  1. Don't have a vaccination when you're ill

It's a FACT that you should postpone your child's jab if they are ill and have a fever (high temperature).

You may also want to postpone vaccination if your child has had a bad reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine. This doesn't mean that they will never be able to have the vaccine again, but it's a good idea to speak to your GP, practice nurse or health visitor first.

  1. Don't have a vaccination if you have an allergy

It's a FACT that your child shouldn't have a vaccine if they've had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction (a severe allergic reaction) to a previous dose of the vaccine or an ingredient in it.

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