Obesity discrimination?

People who are overweight are negatively perceived


Fair Point: Discrimination is wrong but obesity is a serious problem

ALTHOUGH I believe no one should be discriminated against due to their sex, gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality and race or any other membership - it was only recently highlighted to me that someone might be prejudice towards a person for being obese.

A poll by the World Obesity Federation found 62 per cent of those surveyed had been discriminated against because of their size, theoretically making it the most common form of discrimination in the UK.

Campaigner Kathryn Szrodecki said obese people are overlooked when it comes to promotions, are paid less and that the expectations of them by their employer is less.

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Majorities in UK, Brazil and South Africa believe people with obesity are likely to face discrimination

New polling on behalf of Barley Communications and World Obesity Day shows people with obesity face discrimination in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

81% of respondents in the UK, 89% in South Africa and 86% in Brazil agree that "people with obesity are viewed negatively because of their weight".

In all but Brazil being overweight was seen to be the most likely reason, out of the options available, for someone to be discriminated against. In the UK 62% of respondents believed people were likely to discriminate against someone because they are overweight, in South Africa this was 84% and 85% in Brazil.

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Obesity named most common form of discrimination - Premier

The World Obesity Forum have revealed the results of a survey about obesity and the stigma people face.

They found that weight was the most common form of discrimination in the UK - above race and gender - with 81% of adults polled believing people with obesity are viewed negatively because of their weight.

One in four admit they would hire a candidate with a healthy weight over an overweight candidate.

Dr Sue Kenneally is a Christian and a qualified nutritionist who helps people with weight management and runs Fit For Life Forever, a group with a 'Bible-based approach to fitness'.

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