Live to 100 with Pioppi?

Pioppi diet - fad or forever?


The Pioppi Diet is a superficial lifestyle guide based on distorted evidence | Spectator Health

Pioppi is a very small village in southern Italy. It is one of those places where people are reputed to live much longer than average (the authors claim life expectancy is 89 years but do not provide a citation for this claim). The gimmick behind this book is that the authors have travelled to the village, bottled its secrets and are prepared to sell them to you for a small fee.

Since the authors are both advocates of the low carb, high fat (LCHF) regime, everything is seen through the prism of the Atkins diet.

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Live to 100 with Pioppi?

In the 21st century, there seems to be a new diet invented for every day of the year. Options range from Atkins, The Zone Diet and the Ketogenic to the South Beach Diet, Paleo and Dukan. There's an A to Z.

In Summer 2017, the Pioppi diet was launched onto the market.

Named after a small village in Italy, where locals eat typical Mediterranean cuisine, the diet is the brainchild of Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Donal O'Neill.

On his website Dr Aseem Malhotra describes himself as 'one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, successfully leading the campaign against excess sugar consumption.'

Donal O'Neill, meanwhile, is an athlete and film maker.

The specifics of the diet are laid out in a book, the synopsis of which sets the scene and explains:

"We are not being given the truth about our health.We're told to avoid saturated fats, we're marketed health food that is laden with sugar and we're encouraged to pound out miles at the gym. However, our chances of getting obese are increasing - raising our risk of Type-2 diabetes, cancer, dementia and heart disease.

"Yet in the tiny Italian village of Pioppi, life is as simple as it is long and healthy. There is no gym, no supermarket, the food is delicious and they enjoy a glass of wine every evening.

"Now cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra - a world-leading obesity expert and Britain's number one anti-sugar campaigner - and acclaimed filmmaker Donal O'Neill combine the wisdom of this remarkably long lived population with decades of nutrition and medical research to cut through long-standing dietary myths and create this easy-to-follow lifestyle plan.

"This isn't a diet or lifestyle which requires saying 'no' to the things you love, or exercising for hours upon end. In just three weeks, The Pioppi Diet will help you make simple, achievable and long-lasting changes to how you eat, sleep and move - changes that all of us, no matter how busy we are, can make."

According to the health and beauty website Get the Gloss a typical daily meal plan for the diet looks similar to the following;

No breakfast: Only coffee with coconut cream

Brunch: Two or three-egg mushroom omelette. Coffee with coconut cream

Afternoon snack: Tinned oysters; full-fat Greek yoghurt with berries; a handful of nuts and cinnamon

Dinner: Picanha steak (a superb Brazilian cut) served with creamed spinach and avocado side salad; two squares of dark chocolate (95 per cent cocoa solids); a cup of Earl Grey tea

So is this the diet to end all diets? Or is it just another fad?

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Daily Mail

Seven-day 'Pioppi diet' plan that helps people reach 100

  • Pioppi, in Italy, is the world's 'healthiest village' with many people reaching 100

  • Despite bacon, chocolate, full-fat yoghurt and even red wine being on the menu

  • Inhabitants' love of vegetables and oily fish prevents heart disease and diabetes

  • Cardiologist and former athlete have created a plan to adapt the diet to daily life

  • They also recommend intermittent fasting by limiting eating to 8-9 hours a day

The 'Pioppi diet' could transform your health and help you reach 100.

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