Kids with older dads at risk?

Children with older fathers may be more likely to have health problems

How old is too old to become a dad? | Direct Advice for Dads

Past a certain age in life, is it irresponsible or selfish even to be bringing a child into the world?

There is nothing more tortuous, more insidious nor more cruel than the process of ageing. It is, in fact, like someone stabbing you so slowly that you barely even register the knife going in.

Realistically, and despite vain celebrity efforts to the contrary, there's nothing you can do to stop it, but there is one thing you can do to make it more pronounced, and that is to have children.

It could be argued that having kids makes you age faster, but this seems as obvious as arguing that having Big Macs and beer for breakfast will make you fatter.

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Health problems 'more common for babies with older fathers'

"Health risk to babies of men over 45, major study warns," The Daily Telegraph reports.

A study of more than 40 million births in the US found babies born to men aged 45 or older were more likely to be born prematurely, have a low birth weight and need intensive care after birth than babies with younger fathers.

The increase in risk was small, but because more men and women are having children later in life, the researchers say men should be aware that delaying fatherhood is not risk-free.

Women have been warned for many years about the potential risks of delaying motherhood, but there's been less research looking at the impact of men's age on their children's health.

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