Healthy parent = Healthy kids?

A healthy lifestyle from parents can rub off on children

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Mums with healthy habits 'less likely' to have obese children

"Mums with five healthy habits are less likely to have obese children," the Mail Online reports.

The headline is prompted by a new US study involving children aged 9 to 14. More than 24,000 children were studied, only 5% of whom were obese.

The study found that children were less likely to be obese if, while they were growing up, their mothers:

  • Had a healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Did the recommended amount of weekly exercise
  • Were non-smokers
  • Drank alcohol in moderation

The fifth healthy habit was following a healthy diet. This wasn't found to have a significant link with child obesity on its own. But children with mothers who adopted all 5 healthy habits had a 75% reduced risk of obesity.

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