Diabetes drug for nicotine?

Medicine could pull double duty for nicotine addiction


Diabetes drug may also treat nicotine withdrawal symptoms

As cigarette smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in the US, like CDC estimates have consistently shown, researchers have focused on tackling the biggest factor inhibiting smokers from quitting: nicotine withdrawal.

In a study, conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, researchers found that administering metformin - a first-line drug treatment for type-2 diabetes - may also lessen symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

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Type 2 diabetes drug may help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

"Type 2 diabetes drug could be used to treat nicotine withdrawal for people trying to quit smoking," reports the Mail Online.

This follows a study, carried out in mice, that explored whether the diabetes drug metformin could ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Prior research has shown nicotine activates a particular chemical pathway (AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK) in an area of the brain that controls memory and emotions.

Cutting out nicotine stops the activation of this enzyme, and this is thought to contribute to the nicotine withdrawal symptoms – such as anxiety, irritability and loss of concentration – most smokers experience when trying to quit.

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Daily Mail

Common diabetes drug may help treat nicotine withdrawal

  • Research found that a diabetes drugs could treat nicotine withdrawal

  • The Johns Hopkins University team conducted a mice study that revealed metformin blocked symptoms like cravings and an increased appetite

  • Cigarette smoking kills nearly six million people each year in the US

It's hard to kick the smoking habit, but an inexpensive diabetes drug may be able to help.

A study on mice led by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that metformin, a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, could block symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, especially cravings.

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