Cut out chemotherapy?

A new test will allow some with breast cancer to avoid chemotherapy

How Is Chemotherapy Used to Treat Cancer?

Chemotherapy is the use of any drug to treat any disease. But to most people, the word chemotherapy means drugs used for cancer treatment. It's often shortened to "chemo. "

Surgery and radiation therapy remove, kill, or damage cancer cells in a certain area, but chemo can work throughout the whole body. This means chemo can kill cancer cells that have spread (metastasized) to parts of the body far away from the original (primary) tumor.

Goals of chemotherapy treatment

If your doctor has recommended chemotherapy to treat your cancer, it's important to understand the goals of treatment when making treatment decisions.

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Breast cancer test 'reduces need for chemotherapy'

"Breast cancer: Test means fewer women will need chemotherapy," reports BBC News.

The news follows the publication of the trial of a test, routinely used in the NHS, for women with a type of early stage breast cancer, which works out the chances of breast cancer returning after treatment.

The genetic test, Oncotype Dx, gives a score between 0 and 100. Women who score between 0 and 10 will not need chemotherapy and those who score 26 or higher will need chemotherapy.

Women in the mid-range who score 11 to 25 generally have chemotherapy, but this new study has found similar survival rates between those who have chemotherapy and hormone therapy and those who have hormone therapy alone.

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