Computer cures schizophrenia?

Is it nature or technology that can help with schizophrenia?

Cannabis compound benefits patients with schizophrenia

Cannabidiol had beneficial effects as an adjunctive therapy in patients with schizophrenia, research findings suggest.

"The first evidence that [cannabidiol] might be useful in treating schizophrenia came from a case report in which it was found to improve symptoms in a patient who had not responded to haloperidol," Philip McGuire, FRCPsych**, FMedSci**,professor of psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience in the department of psychosis studies, and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London, and colleagues wrote in The American Journal of Psychiatry.

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Computer-based treatment helps people with schizophrenia

"Avatar therapy 'reduces power of schizophrenia voices'," BBC news reports. The headline is prompted by a study where people with schizophrenia received a new type of treatment to help them reduce the effect of auditory hallucinations.

Symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations, confused thinking and thoughts that are not based in reality (delusions).

This trial involved 150 people in the UK with schizophrenia or related psychosis conditions who experienced auditory hallucinations in the form of hearing voices.

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Troll Face Therapy: VR Insults Help Schizophrenia Patients

Jerry Hickfang lives in a small town in Massachusetts where he works in a bathtub factory. Everything is going well in his rather ordinary life, as long as he remembers to take his meds.

This is the premise of the 2015 black comedy movie Voices starring Ryan Reynolds.

Jerry is at the mercy of hallucinatory voices impersonated by his pets: the evil and violent cat, Mr. Mustache, and the well-intentioned dog, Bosco.

['Avatar Therapy' helps schizophrenic patients deal with hallucinatory voices.

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