Coconut oil good for you?

Scientists battle it out over the benefits, or lack of them, of coconut oil

Here's What You Really Need to Know About Coconut Oil

You've probably seen headlines over the weekend that state coconut oil is worse for you than butter, lard, and beef drippings.

Those claims have emerged following a new review paper from the American Heart Association (AHA), which talks about the role of dietary fats in reducing heart disease risk. Coconut oil got special notice in this review, and here's why.

"A recent survey reported that 72 percent of the American public rated coconut oil as a 'healthy food' compared with 37 percent of nutritionists," states the AHA review.

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Why Is Coconut Oil Good for You? A Healthy Oil for Cooking

A perfect example of a healthy food that was unfairly demonized in the past is coconut oil.

It has mainly gotten a bad rap because it is very high in saturated fat.

But as we know, saturated fat is not so bad and what we're left with is a perfectly healthy cooking oil.

Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat you can find, with around 90% of calories as saturated fat.

Saturated fat was unfairly demonized a few decades ago by a few biased but highly influential scientists. However, new studies show that there is no association between saturated fat and heart disease (1, 2, 3).

The initial studies on coconut oil that supposedly demonstrated that it was unhealthy used refined and hydrogenated coconut oil that contained trans fats.

These studies have no relevance to the unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil that is commonly found in health food stores today... which is the subject of this article.

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