Civilization over by 2050?

It's the end of the world as we know it

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Will climate change end human civilization by 2050?

By Joe Harker

Oof, scary headline.

But that's what a new report into the dangers of climate change is claiming.

As we continue to destroy our one and only planet the effects are becoming more pronounced and drastic.

Climate change is a huge threat to our existence and our way of life, the way we view our place in the world could be drastically changed in mere decades.

The Claim:

The report, published by Australian based Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration, has been planning future scenarios for our species based off the damage climate change could do and the diagnosis for humans isn't pretty.

About a billion people displaced and forced to flee their homes, the collapse of numerous ecosystems and 20 days of lethal heat each year are the predictions made.

As a result this would significantly hamper food production and leave some of the world's most populous cities partially deserted, causing a breakdown in the global order as starvation and disruption took hold.

It predicts that on our current course human civilization as we know it would be over by 2050.

If people are dying of starvation and heat while others are forced out of their homes and cities due to climate change induced damage then how exactly is our way of life supposed to trundle on like nothing has happened?

The Counter Claim:

However, we can still do something about it, we are not so far gone yet.

The human race is approaching a point of no return if drastic action is not taken but there is still a way for our species to fix what we have done and undo the damage.

A multitude of nations are slowly waking up to realise just how close to the edge of the volcano they have danced and some are considering new policy packages loosely referred to as the "Green New Deal".

Business has a part to play too. While our species has exploited the planet in the quest for more growth and money it has been a self defeating kind of progress that is expected to cost $1 trillion in the next five years. It should be ridiculous that our species needs a financial incentive to save the thing it lives on but hey, whatever works.

Changing our ways may require ripping up what we know but it makes economic sense to prevent climate change. You can't make money all over the world if said word has gone to hell in a handbasket.

The Facts:

According to the United Nations the world is fast approaching the point of no return on climate change. If drastic action is not taken soon we will have done irreversible damage to our planet.

We are expected to start seeing more pronounced negative effects from climate change from 2025 onwards.

An international effort will be required to tackle climate change. Many countries could do their part but highly populous nations such as India and China must also become more eco friendly.

Home to over a third of the world's population, the two countries are industrial powerhouses that cause catastrophic damage to the environment. If everyone else besides them changes then climate change could still cause catastrophic damage.

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