Should House of Cards end?

Netflix might cancel the show, but Robin Wright could save it

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Could House of Cards survive solely with Robin Wright?

The fall from grace has been swift for actor Kevin Spacey.

Less than a week after he publicly addressed allegations of sexual misconduct, the actor has been cut off from his most recent, high-profile projects.

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"Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey," the streaming service said in a statement Saturday.

Spacey also starred in the movie Gore about writer Gore Vidal. Netflix announced it wouldn't be releasing the film, which was in post-production.

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Is it time for House of Cards to come to an end?

By Joe Harker

House of Cards is one of Netflix's flagship shows. The award-winning show about a politician's rise to power helped Netflix be taken seriously as a TV network, but the sexual assault allegations made against lead actor Kevin Spacey could spell the end for the series.

Spacey was fired by Netflix after Anthony Rapp made allegations of abuse and several others shared stories, with the actor no longer being involved with any productions on the streaming service. Production on the show's sixth season has been halted, but it could resume before the end of the year.

The sixth season will be the final one for the show, with Netflix bosses insisting that they had already planned to finish the run there, but had not announced it before Spacey was fired. They say the decision was made "months ago" so it would have been wrapping up anyway. However, there have been suggestions that it should just scrap production and end the show now, particularly as it may be difficult to remove Spacey's character from the story. Netflix have made it clear that they have no intention of working with him again, so it may be for the best just to end the show.

However, there could be a way to give the series a satisfactory conclusion without having to work with Spacey. Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood in the series, could be ready to step into a lead role and take over for the final season with absolutely no mention of Spacey. The season five ending made it clear that Wright's character would be taking more of a lead role anyway, so it would seem like the best solution for the show to continue.

Many fans of the show would welcome a final season with Wright in the lead role. Her character has already ascended to the Presidency and would be perfectly placed to wrap things up the story arc by herself. Some feel that she deserves a chance to play the lead role, even if the series has only one more season to go. She would be more than capable of taking over and a change to the show might even benefit it.

The producers of the show have admitted that they are considering killing off Spacey's character offscreen, thus getting rid of the character without having to involve the actor. It may be the only way to finish the final season, and it would open the door for Wright to step in.

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Netflix Cancels 'House Of Cards', Says It's "Deeply Troubled" Over Kevin Spacey Claims

UPDATED with Netflix statement: As allegations of unwanted sexual advances in 1986 by Kevin Spacey against then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp have emerged, Netflix today decided to pull the plug on the Spacey-starring House of Cards after the upcoming sixth season next year.

Coming just more than 12 hours after Star Trek Discovery star Rapp first made public his allegations of what happened at a party at Spacey's New York City apartment back in the mid-1980s, the streaming service made the official decision today, sources tell us.

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