New Joker reveal?

What do fans want from the Clown Prince of Crime?

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How have fans reacted to the new Joker reveals?

By Joe Harker

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in entertainment history, the clown who terrified audiences and provided a brilliant arch-nemesis to one of the most bankable superheroes around.

He's also been quite disappointing on occasion, the perils of being so popular that everyone wants to have you in their movie is that sometimes the portrayal isn't great. With so many Jokers around there had to be some different takes on the character and the most recent one on the big screen, Jared Leto's "hipster Joker", didn't really take off with fans.

However, there are two others incarnations of the character coming for fans to enjoy, one for TV and another on the big screen.

The Claim:

The new trailer for the Joaquin Phoenix led "Joker" film released yesterday, and it appears to be more of a character study of the man whose bad day turned him into a nightmare.

It's his origin story, seeing him go from being an average guy into a monstrous clown. The trailer has drawn comparisons with Taxi Driver, a portrait of a man descending into madness and ultimately deciding to just go with it.

The performance from Phoenix is already sparking encouragement from fans who hope he can get somewhere close to Heath Ledger's award winning portrayal in The Dark Knight.

The Counter Claim:

The small screen version of the Joker is currently appearing in Gotham, a TV series following a younger Commissioner Gordon. The character has gone through multiple iterations in the show, having been two identical siblings who each descended into psychosis.

Both played by the same actor (naturally), the two siblings played different takes on the Joker. One a more vicious, scruffy and crazy version of the Clown Prince of Crime, the other a calmer, more cunning and refined take on the Joker.

However, after being scarred in a recent episode the character is ending the series with a new look and fans aren't sure what to make of it. While the two previous looks for the villain were highly praised the final version has had some viewers less than impressed.

The Facts:

The Joker origin movie will be released in October, is directed by Todd Phillips and produced by Martin Scorsese. The main character is Arthur Fleck, who will become the titular villain.

Leonardo Di Caprio had been considered for the Joker role before it went to Phoenix, who was interested in the film due to the small scale and character focus. Phoenix previously declined superhero roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to being contractually obliged to portray the characters over the course of multiple films.

The final series of Gotham is coming to an end this month, though Joker actor Cameron Monaghan has teased the possibility of a spin off film of his own.

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