New Doctor's outfit good?

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who outfit has been revealed

Here's the new Doctor Who costume for the 13th Doctor, fans are (surprise!) split

We first got a glimpse of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who's 13th Doctor back in July, when she was announced as the next star to take up the role of the beloved Time Lord. But now the BBC has shared a proper look at her costume, and it's. . . a little different than some expected.

The image gained plenty of reactions on the Doctor Who Facebook page and Twitter, with some decrying it as ugly and ridiculous, while others thought it represented the character well.

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Do fans like the new Doctor Who outfit?

By Joe Harker

Whenever a new actor steps into the lead role of Doctor Who there is much fanfare about their identity. Who will play the famous Time Lord and have adventures running down suspiciously similar looking corridors?

Now we know it's Jodie Whittaker, the next bit of speculation surrounds the costume the Doctor will wear. The Doctor has always been known for dressing a bit extravagantly, often appearing to have ram-raided a charity shop and grabbed the nearest items of clothing.

Although you'd get funny looks from some if you wore them on the street, Tom Baker's absurdly long scarf, Colin Baker's multi-coloured coat and Matt Smith's penchant for pairing a bow tie with a fez have become iconic parts of the show.

Whittaker's Doctor has now had her outfit revealed, with teal culottes held up by braces and a stripy top finished off by a large trenchcoat. It is rather different from the outfit shown in her reveal trailer, that featured a darker coat over a hoodie, but it will be seen in action in the new year. The TARDIS is also getting a bit of a makeover, with a less bright colour scheme and a new phone panel for the iconic phone box. With a new Doctor, new companions and a new showrunner it might be time for a big visual revamp.

The new outfit has plenty of references to previous Doctors. The Second and Eleventh Doctors were big fans of braces, while the stripe on the top looks very much like the scarf worm by the Fourth Doctor. Several Doctors have worn a large and distinctive coat, while many have also sported very practical boots that must come in handy with all the running that goes on in the show. Although it does slightly look like she's wearing fishing waders the Thirteenth Doctor will have little trouble dashing all over time and space.

The Doctor is a very popular subject of cosplay, and in a year or so many conventions will likely have fans copying the outfit. The Daily Mirror has suggestions on possible clothes that fans could acquire to put the look together. Maybe mustard coloured braces are about to make a comeback, much as Matt Smith's original outfit led to a boost in the sale of tweed jackets. It might be a bit of a harder task, but if there was ever a time to invest in mustard braces it would be now.

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