Kit Harington as Batman?

He certainly knows how to act stern and determined

'The Batman' Director Addresses Rumors of Ben Affleck's Retirement

Ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first premiered in theaters over two years ago, rumors have been swirling about Ben Affleck's continued involvement as the Caped Crusader.

And though it seemed lately like Affleck would be stepping down from his role as Batman in the upcoming solo film, writer and director Matt Reeves recently issued an update that cautioned fans from expecting Affleck to depart the project.

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Could Game of Thrones star Kit Harington be the next Batman?

By Joe Harker

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington could be in line to play the lead role in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman film. With the long running TV series coming to an end it could be his next big project as Warner Bros attempt to shake up the DC cinematic universe and make up some ground on Marvel.

Warner Bros reportedly commissioned digital mock ups of Harington to see what he might look like as Batman. There are many actors rumoured to be in the running for the lead role in The Batman and Harington has previously said that he would like the job as long as it was a little less dark and a little more camp.

That would be at odds with the current direction DC is going in but potential plans to semi-reset their cinematic universe could give Reeves more freedom to remake the current iteration of the caped crusader.

Ben Affleck is the current man behind the cape and cowl of Batman, but DC could be planning a shake up after struggles to get their cinematic universe going. Warner Bros new strategy for their DC films could see the likes of Affleck out and replaced with younger actors who will stay in the role for an extended period of time.

Affleck was originally going to direct and star in The Batman. He stepped down from the director's chair in 2017 and since then the film has been plagued with rumors that he was looking for a way to get out of the part.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that DC and Warner Bros were looking for ways to move Affleck on, while new reports that Superman actor Henry Cavill is out of the role suggest they are looking to hit the reset button on some of their biggest properties.

The DC cinematic universe is in poor health, with Wonder Woman the only critical success in the current roster. While the films have made plenty of money at the box office they haven't made as much as Marvel films. The bar is set extremely high and DC still hasn't had a film to surpass the latter two films of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Perhaps they hope that going in a new direction will win fans round and put them back on top.

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The Batman Wanted Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington?

We have ourselves another interesting actor who is rumored to be up for the lead in The Batman. At this point, official news regarding director Matt Reeves' solo movie centered on the Caped Crusader is pretty slim. So, to the rumor mill we go. In this case, we have word that Warner Bros. might be looking at none other than Game of Thrones star Kit Harington for the role of Bruce Wayne.

It should be emphasized again before digging in too deeply here that this is merely a rumor for the time being, as it hasn't been corroborated by anyone at the studio or anyone involved with the production.

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