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Piers Morgan clashes with non-binary couple on GMB

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Non-binary - people who don't identify as male or female

Some trans people don't identify as either male or female - or with a binary view of gender.

What is non-binary?

Gender is often referred to as a ‘binary’, meaning two – male and female. The term ‘non-binary’ refers to people who don’t believe that there are just two genders and who exist outside of the gender binary. Non-binary people class themselves as neither exclusively male nor female. They are under the trans umbrella but may not consider themselves trans.

A key thing to know is that if this describes your experience and you identify as non-binary, your gender identity is valid and deserves respect.

There are many terms that people find useful to describe their non-binary identity. ‘Genderqueer’ is a blanket term used for individuals who do not define their gender in binary terms. It covers a range of identities - from those who feel their gender is fluid, to others who feel they have no gender to speak of.

Individuals may feel their sex cannot be identified in binary terms either and may also use ‘genderqueer’ to describe their sex. You may identify as trans or you may feel that the term doesn’t fit or feel useful to you. Equally, you may transition medically, or you may not. As with binary trans men and trans women, this does not make you any less trans or invalidate your identity.

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Why I'm Applying for a Non-Binary Sex Designation on my Canadian Birth Certificate

Everyday when I am out in public, I get stares constantly. And I’m familiar with them now.

Sometimes they turn into laughs or snickers. But there are times when the staring turns into something more sinister, where I feel like my safety is at risk. And as a non-binary person, this is my everyday life of being constantly misgendered and caught between one or the other, because society forces me into the binary.

While I cannot control how others see me or how they understand gender expression, the legal misgendering of not having documentation that accurately helps affirm my identity contributes to my experiences of depression and anxiety -to my feelings of being out of place.

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