Brits into royal wedding?

The media is obsessed, but with no Bank Holiday, Brits are non-plussed

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All set for a sunny royal wedding - even though there's no day off for the commoners

By Diane Cooke

Maybe one of the reasons that Brits aren't getting overly giddy at the prospect of the royal wedding on Saturday, is the fact that it doesn't come with a day off for the commoners.

However, it is predicted that the thousands of people unfortunate enough to work Saturdays could fall prey to a mystery illness on May 19.

An extra one-off Bank Holiday was added for William and Kate's nuptials but William is a future king, whereas Harry is now only fifth in line to the throne.

But nevertheless, it promises to be a star-studded, glamorous affair and Express writer Virgina Blackburn reckons there should be no bust-ups because Meghan's avoided inviting the half-brother who recently pulled a gun on his girlfriend and the half-sister currently working on a tome entitled The Diary Of Princess Pushy's Sister.

It will take place in St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry was christened. It is said to have become a "very special place" for the couple in their relationship so far.

The Lord Chamberlain's Office at Buckingham Palace is responsible for organising royal weddings, but Harry and Ms Markle are leading the show. However, under the guidance of Harry's private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, the Lord Chamberlain's Office is dealing with the ceremonial aspects of the day.

The service will begin at 12pm and the public will have the opportunity to watch from their sofas at home. Two billion people were thought to have watched television broadcasts of the 2011 wedding of Harry’s elder brother William to wife Kate.

Some 750 million are said to have watched Harry’s father and mother, heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, get married in 1981, while some reports suggested that as many as 2.5 billion watched Diana’s funeral in 1997.

The "core aspects" of the wedding, including the church service, associated music, flowers, decorations and reception, will be paid for by the Royal Family, with Meghan’s parents both set to attend.

The couple have given strict instructions for the menu and been ‘involved in every detail’, royal chef Mark Flanagan, who is leading a team of 30 chefs and assistants, has revealed.

Keeping tight-lipped on the actual contents of the menu, the chef said it would be composed of British classics: “All the British vegetables are just coming into season and that's been a point of focus for us.

"We know the couple wanted us to make sure we used all of the local seasonal produce as much as possible throughout their menu, and this recent good weather is really helping us to achieve that.

“We are using produce off Her Majesty's estates and that features very much."

There's also a strict dress code for the 600 guests. The couple expect their male guests to don a uniform, morning coat or lounge suit and the women to be dressed in a day dress with a hat. In fact, they printed those instructions on their gilded invitations.

All that remains to be organised is the weather, which at the time of writing looks set to be sunny with tempertures reaching 20 degrees.

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