Binge-drinking oldies?

Women prone to drinking in later life - particularly after retirement

More Young Women Are Struggling with Alcoholism

From brunch get-togethers to first dates to holiday parties, it's undeniable that alcohol plays a central role in our social lives. And although many of us know the health benefits of drinking less ( Ed Sheeran lost 50 pounds just by cutting out beer), most people are reluctant to stop drinking for more than a month (lookin' at you Dry January!).

But what most people don't know is that alcoholism is on the rise and that it's fast-growing in women, particularly among young women.

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Binge Drinking Facts. What Is Binge Drinking?

Teenage Binge Drinking

There are two definitions of binge drinking:

  • Somebody is binge drinking if they drink more than 5 drinks in one session.

  • The other definition of binge drinking applies to somebody who goes out with the specific intention of getting drunk.

Binge Drinking Facts

Binge Drinking and Alcoholism?

Although binge drinkers do lose control when drinking, which is one of the signs of alcoholism, they do not usually display more than one or, at most, two warning signs of alcoholism.

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