Tattoos bad for employment?

Having a visible tattoo could mean you don't get a job

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YouGov | That inking feeling: the tattoos employers don't want to see

A new YouGov survey of HR decision makers finds that face tattoos are the most likely to put employers off a candidate.

A New Zealand teen made headlines around the world last year after he complained that a large “DEVAST8” tattoo covering the bottom half of his face was making it hard for him to find a job.

While he eventually found a job in construction, the results of a new YouGov Omnibus HR decision makers survey about tattoos and employment would have let him know earlier about the problems he was likely to face.

The results reveal that face tattoos are the most likely to put employers off a candidate. Six in ten employers (61%) say that they are “substantially” less likely to hire someone with tattoos on their face, with a further 17% saying they make them “slightly” less likely to take them on.

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Should anti-tattoo discrimination be illegal?

Tattoos are more popular than ever, but workers can be dismissed from or denied jobs because of their body modifications. Some want protection under employment law. Should they get it?

You're perfect for the job. You have all the skills and experience the company is looking for, and you've turned up for the interview in your smartest attire.

But there's a problem.

If you have a tattoo that incurs the displeasure of the boss, you might find any offer of employment is swiftly rescinded.

In July Jo Perkins, a consultant in Milton Keynes, had her contract terminated because a 4cm image of a butterfly on her foot contravened the no-visible-inking policy of the firm for which she worked.

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