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Inside the mind: newspaper subscribers

Which Brits still subscribe to print newspapers?

Overall, one in seven Brits (15%) subscribes to a print newspaper, but who are they?

Looking at the demographic breakdown of adults subscribed to newspapers, they are often older, with 50% of subscribers aged 55 and over. Brits between the ages of 40 and 54 make up 18% of subscribers, and another 21% are aged between 25 and 39. Only 12% of newspaper subscribers are aged under 25.

Men are also more likely to be subscribers (57%) compared to women, who make up 43% of newspaper subscribers, meaning elderly men are the most likely candidate to be a newspaper subscriber.

Despite having newspaper subscriptions, the plurality of newspaper subscribers (20%) say that the television is there main source of news – however this is 10% lower than the general population (30%). One in 6 (17%) of newspaper subscribers say printed newspapers are their main source of news, compared to 9% of the general population.

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