Squeezable phone a new idea?

HTC unveils its 'squeezable' U11 smartphone

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Smartphone pioneer becomes innovator with its squeeze on the market with the HTC U11 release

HTC is hoping to tighten its hold on the smartphone market, with a firm squeeze, through their new U11 release.

The company once had the strongest grip on the market, being a pioneer of the smartphone, but it has been loosened of late, according to the India Times, with profits plummeting, the market share going down, and the brand name losing its prestige.

HTC is transforming from pioneer to innovator with their new 'squeezable' phone, aiming to challenge the usurper Samsung Galaxy S8. Along with the usual touchscreen, users will be able to interact with their phone with a firm grasp thanks to a number of sensors embedded into the lower half of its metal frame.

The new feature will allow users to launch an app, take a picture and record audio with simple pressure between your thumb and fingers.

While there is excitement over the Edge Sense user interface, the HTC's flagship excels with its camera. It rates highly with DxOMark, the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements, awarded with a record-breaking score of 90, Forbes reports. Its predecessor U10 was rated a "sensationally high score of 88", matching the S8 and other models but behind the Google Pixel. The U11 overtakes the Pixel with the highest score ever received from DxOMark.

The U11 is offering a touch of class with its glass design. The front 5.5-inch LCD has a 3D glass effect, curved at the edges, while the back case reflects light from different angles.

It has also "wooed audiophiles" with the Register even calling it "ear porn". With 3D audio available from four directional microphones, which HTC calls "Acoustic Focus". WIth audio being one of HTC's strengths, the company has continued to play to it with the U11.

The HTC U11 is set to be released in the UK in June, priced at £649.

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