People nervous about pubs?

Many members of the public have stayed away from pubs

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How do Brits feel about reopened pubs?

Majority of Brits see pub visits as at least a moderate COVID-19 risk – but a fifth of regular pub-goers have already been back to their local The iconic Great British pub has been back in business for a couple of weeks. But how many drinkers have returned – and what’s putting off those who haven’t.

Are Brits comfortable with heading to the pub? In June most Brits told us that they felt uncomfortable about returning to pubs, and the headline figures have not drastically changed since then, despite doors opening again.

Overall, 49% of Brits say they would feel uncomfortable returning to a pub now, compared to 54% in June. Currently a quarter of Brits (25%) say they are fairly uncomfortable, and another 24% are very uncomfortable with the prospect.

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