Nokia 3310: Best phone ever?

Iconic indestructible phone returns after long absence

Business Insider

7 reasons why the Google Pixel is the best Android phone

The new Google Pixel isn't just another Android phone. It's the best Android phone you can buy.

That's because the Pixel has a lot of advantages you won't find in any other phone.

Here are the most important unique features in the Pixel.

  1. It has Google Assistant. Google Assistant, the new digital helper from Google, is simply incredible. We don't have time to list everything it can do, but just know that it puts Siri and the other competitors to shame.

For now, the Pixel phone is the only Android phone with Google Assistant.

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Welcome back 3310

Four Nokia phones are set to hit the stage at MWC 2017 in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, according to a new report in Techradar.

But none will receive as much attention as the Nokia 3310, said by many in the know, to be the best mobile phone of all time.

The 3310 was one of the most popular feature phones and was considered to be among the sturdiest handsets ever built.

Over the years, fans have kept it alive via efforts such as putting it under a hydraulic press and putting a red-hot nickel ball over it.

Its simple interface, preloaded game Snake II, and easy-to-swap Xpress-on covers added to its success. But it was the outright resilience of this iconic handset that puts it in the mobile phone hall of fame - that and the fact that it sold over 126 million units since its launch on September 1, 2000.

The updated Nokia 3310 will cost €59 (£50), according to Venture Beat, and is designed to be a second phone.

There are few details about its features and how it will work. The original Nokia 3310 could make calls and send text messages, but didn't have a camera and couldn't connect to the internet. But it was renowned for having a seemingly endless battery life, writes The Telegraph.

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Liverpool Echo

Nine reasons why the Nokia 3310 is the greatest phone ever made

The Nokia 3310 is set to return to our shelves later this month.

Why, you ask? Because it was the greatest phone to ever grace planet Earth. And it had Snake II.

The new incarnation of the 3310 will apparently be sold for just 59 Euros and will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress later this month, according to leaks.

Here are nine reasons why this relic of a phone was adored far and wide.

1. It was indestructible.

Throw it off a cliff, run it over with a steam roller or drop it down the toilet.

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