Mother's Day important?

Some people see Mother's Day as a commercial occasion

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YouGov | Most Brits don't think Mother's Day is a "proper" special occasion

As disorganised Brits across the land dash to the post office to make sure their mums receive their Mother’s Day cards in time for Sunday, many may feel resentful that they have been pressured into the move by greetings card companies who have seriously overemphasised the importance of the celebration.

Americans have a term for such events: “Hallmark Holidays”, due to the perception that the company was inventing new special occasions in order to try and sell more cards.

Now new YouGov Omnibus research reveals that most Brits (53%) believe that Mother’s Day is celebrated more because of pressure from commercial entities than because it is a “proper” special occasion. Only 40% of Brits tend to think that it is is a bona fide day of celebration.

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