Do men like funny women?

Actress Rose Byrne says men find funny women threatening

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Who says women aren't funny?

Behind every great laugh, there's a greater, totally hilarious woman. Women are starring in the funniest movies, TV shows, and comedy specials we're most obsessed with—and writing and producing them, too.

According to Marie Claire Amy Schumer(pictured) was number one in the 50 funniest women of 2016. Amy released her best-selling book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo this year and will play Barbie in a live action film for 2018. Her whip-smart humour has made her Comedy Central Show, Inside Amy Schumer, required viewing.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in second place. She does bad really good—from the Elaine dance (Seinfeld) to the White House (Veep). See also: her cameo in Inside Amy Schumer's "Last F*ckable Day" sketch.

At number three is Samantha Bee, who has been described as the John Stewart we all needed this past election cycle and an essential voice of dissent in Trump's America. "And I am female as fuck." (Bee's sign-off in the trailer for her TBS late-night show.)

According to Metro, the British comedy circuit is also awash with hilarious women who are taking the comedy world by storm.

From TV writers and stand-up comedians to YouTubers and sketch show stars, funny females are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

They include Rose Robinson, a character comedian who creates her own hilarious world of weirdness on stage that has audiences laughing out loud. The Funny Women Finalist 2016 is also an actress and writer and has also starred in Josh and Sketchorama.

Sharon Horgan is an actress and comedy writer who is currently achieving huge success both in the UK and America. Best known for Pulling, Motherland, the award-winning Catastrophe and Divorce, starring Sarah-Jessica Parker.

Shappi Khorsandi is a stand-up comedian and author, who is the daughter of an exiled writer and comic from Iran. Shappi’s unconventional upbringing includes everything from mental illness to opium dens and provides much material for her hilarious, warm and witty comedy. She is also the president of the British Humanist Association and author of two books – Nina Is Not OK and A Beginner’s Guide To Acting English.

And there are plenty more. So what was that about women not being funny?

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Men Don't Like Funny Women ... They LOVE Funny Women!

Musical comic and performance artist concurs that humor is at the heart of her long-lasting relationship with her husband.

"Sex with my husband is bad a running joke," she confessed. "The setup is predictable and the punch line comes too early. But seriously, if you're in the same relationship for over ten years, you absolutely must have and appreciate a good sense of humor. Weird, scary, boring and even tedious stuff can be what ends a marriage. It NEEDS comic relief. Knowing what makes my husband laugh is far more valuable than knowing what makes him cum.

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