Wednesday - 15th Aug 2018

Tackling cyber crime?

Two thirds of UK consumers consider computer fraud inevitable

AI better than doctors?

AI can diagnose eye disease as accurately as some doctors

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 14th Aug 2018

House of Fraser saved?

Can Mike Ashley turn it into the 'Harrods of the high street'

Saving killer whales?

Orca abandons dead calf after 17-day vigil

Will NASA probe touch the sun?

NASA launches solar probe on difficult mission

Monday - 13th Aug 2018

AR headset the future?

Magic Leap's mixed-reality headset on sale for $2,295

A news app like no other

Sunday - 12th Aug 2018

Online ads too invasive?

They know where you live, they know what you like, they know who you are

Saturday - 11th Aug 2018

Google Glass helps autism?

Google Glass could help people with autism, but it is very expensive

Online people push self harm?

Communities on certain websites are sharing information about self harming