Thursday - 18th Oct 2018

Expect too much from robots?

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot shows off its moves

Lab grown meat?

Grown in a lab with cells from a living animal is the future

A news app like no other

Friday - 19th Oct 2018

Facebook video scam?

Facebook has inflated the analytics on video ads

Facial recognition at airport?

Facial recognition could be the new way to check in

Wednesday - 17th Oct 2018

700mph trains a reality?

We already have hyperoptic broadband but can we have hyperloop trains?

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 16th Oct 2018

Should Apple kill Siri?

Apple's voice assistant failed to pick up as many commands as rivals.

Facebook memorialise everyone?

The site allows relatives of the deceased to keep their profile active.

Monday - 15th Oct 2018

VR, future of pornography?

Virtual Reality has been tipped to take online pornography to the future.

Are smartphones too expensive?

Apple's highest spec phone retails for just under $2000 in Canada.