Monday - 22nd Jan 2018

Is the world ready for GDPR?

Europe's new data protection regime comes into force on May 25

AI for life or death?

AI can predict time of death in disturbing advance for health care

A news app like no other

Sunday - 21st Jan 2018

Big moment for VAR?

The first VAR goal has been given in England

Nintendo Labo boost Switch?

It seems the newest innovation in video games is cardboard

Saturday - 20th Jan 2018

Automation gives free time?

The robots are coming to steal our jobs, but we might not care

YouTube hurts small channels?

The popular site is being tougher on content creators

A news app like no other

Friday - 19th Jan 2018

Hate Sophia the Robot?

Facebook AI boss calls Sophia “complete bullsh--t”

Thursday - 18th Jan 2018

Reading a dog's mood?

New technology means we could soon be talking to our pets