Friday - 22nd Sep 2017

Fingerprint payment exciting?

London supermarket trials "payment by vein"

Bash Facebook for Russian ads?

They allowed Russian political ads during election

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Thursday - 21st Sep 2017

Electric vehicles get far?

Electric bus makes record 1,000 mile journey on single charge

Wednesday - 20th Sep 2017

Blue Whale link to suicides?

Rumoured internet challenge creates hysteria in India

Biosimilar threat to pharma?

Cheaper copy-cat drugs could revolutionise cancer treatment

Robot threat to UK jobs?

Robots could take 4m UK jobs within 10 years

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Tuesday - 19th Sep 2017

Is Bitcoin a threat?

China tightens cryptocurrency ban with new directive

'Cut off' the internet?

Trump calls it "main recruitment tool" for terrorists

Monday - 18th Sep 2017

Drones dangerous to humans?

Study reveals consumer drones unlikely to cause serious injury