Saturday - 23rd Jun 2018

Beware World Cup displays?

Signing players based on World Cup performances is risky at best

World Cup penalties galore?

There have already been plenty of penalties awarded

Germany overconfident?

Remember when they won it? Now the Germans are struggling

Mexico Group F favourites?

Mexico could cement their place at the top of Group F

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Friday - 22nd Jun 2018

VAR working in World Cup?

VAR has made its debut in the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Thursday - 21st Jun 2018

Salah's injury = Egypt woes?

Egyptians suffer 3-1 loss against Russia in Group A

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Wednesday - 20th Jun 2018

Can Belgium win the World Cup?

The Belgians stroll past Panama in Group G opener

Tuesday - 19th Jun 2018

Optimistic about England?

Can the Three Lions go all the way in the World Cup?

Dirty Switzerland?

Brazil's Neymar was fouled 10 times during 1-1 draw