Thursday - 14th Feb 2019

Brexit like a revolution?

Brexit has been compared to the French Revolution, that's not flattering

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Friday - 15th Feb 2019

Brexit bad for LGBT?

Will Britain's exit from the EU erode LGBT rights?

Friday - 8th Feb 2019

Lower the voting age?

Sir Patrick Stewart believes that 14-year-olds should vote

Corbyn helps May on Brexit?

The Labour leader has set out a plan for the prime minister

A news app like no other

Wednesday - 13th Feb 2019

Turn ferries into warships?

Yes, this sounds like a smart idea...

Tuesday - 12th Feb 2019

Back Norway plus Brexit?

Labour is shifting closer to a 'softer' Brexit

Farage's new party?

The former UKIP leader is forming a new political party

Support striking pupils?

Schoolchildren will walk out of lessons over climate change