Thursday - 18th Oct 2018

Make misandry a hate crime?

Should hostility towards men be treated the same as women?

Come out for trans equality?

Around 100 organisations support trans community in advert

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Friday - 19th Oct 2018

David Davis for PM?

If the Prime Minister is ousted the former Brexit secretary could be in

Pessimistic about Brexit deal?

44% of the public expect UK to leave EU without a deal

Thatcher on the £50 note?

Former prime minister is one of the names suggested

Wednesday - 17th Oct 2018

Bullying in the Commons?

A new report reveals a thriving culture of bullying

Councils taking risks?

Cash strapped councils are taking financial risks

Could NI border work?

As Brexit negotiations continue, ministers struggle with the Northern Ireland.

Johnson out of the loop?

Boris Johnson's popularity is falling, is he yesterday's man?

Will diesels be worthless?

As tax banding's for diesel cars increase, has this made diesels worthless?

Make all Universities equal?

Cambridge University is set to give 'poorer' students a second chance.

Midterm trouble for Trump?

New polls suggest the Democrats will gain a majority if turnout is high

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 16th Oct 2018

Cons fix housing crisis?

Can the Conservative government fix the housing crisis with its new plan?

Police investigate Vote Leave?

The campaign group was found to have broken spending rules

Immigration post Brexit?

What kind of immigration rules might the UK adopt?

Recognise non-binary?

Should we adopt a non-binary pronoun society? The BBC reportedly has.

Man Utd and Saudi Arabia?

Money should not be a way to avoid human rights abuses

Monday - 15th Oct 2018

Brexit falling apart?

The prime minster's plans face many problems

£50's worth the risk?

Ministers confirm £50 notes will be printed because of British history

Who is Universal Credit for?

Universal Credit is a hugely unpopular policy

Eurostar survive post-Brexit?

The government said trains between the London and Europe could face disruption.

Kavanaugh impact on midterms?

Will Brett Kavanaugh affect the midterm results?