Sunday - 23rd Jul 2017

Rees-Mogg for Tory leader?

The Tory MP could end up leading the party

Will HS2 succeed?

Contracts for the high speed rail network have been awarded

Can the UK end smoking?

New government plans seek to drastically cut smoking figures

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Saturday - 22nd Jul 2017

Cable leading Lib Dems?

Vince Cable is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats

Friday - 21st Jul 2017

Can UK survive EU no deal?

Liam Fox: EU deal is "one of the easiest in human history"

Write off Theresa May?

Summer recess will provide PM a chance to regroup

Cruz amendment dangerous?

HHS finds it could lower premiums and boost enrolment

New Grenfell boss to resign?

Shouts of 'murderer' greet new boss at first council meeting

Radiohead boycott of Israel?

The band ignores activists to play gig

Hugging v handshaking?

Hugging in the workplace on the rise

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Thursday - 20th Jul 2017

Angry about BBC pay?

BBC list of top earners reveals gender pay gap

Trump meeting with Putin?

President blasts story of G20 meeting with Russian premier as 'sick'

Quash prison escape verdicts?

Gerry Adams to appeal convictions for prison escape attempts

Raise retirement age?

Rise in pension age to 68 to happen seven years early

Should Medicaid receive cuts?

Medicaid showed "political clout" in Trumpcare failure

Wednesday - 19th Jul 2017

Is Trumpcare dead?

Third time unlucky for Trump's health care bill

E-cigs in the workplace?

Government report says vaping should be allowed in offices

Inflation drop beneficial?

Inflation makes a surprise drop to 2.6 per cent

Trump most hated politician?

Americans disapprove of both POTUS and Hillary Clinton