Friday - 14th Dec 2018

UK headed for no deal now?

May survived her no confidence vote, what does it mean for Brexit?

Beef between China and Canada?

A series of arrests has taken place

Who could replace May?

May won't contest the next election, her potential replacements aren't popular

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Thursday - 13th Dec 2018

No confidence in May?

The prime minister won her vote of no confidence

Time person of the year?

Time selects "The Guardians" as their people of the year

May still least worst option?

Facing a vote of no confidence, is Theresa May the best of a bad situation?

Wednesday - 12th Dec 2018

Trump's chief of staff?

Trump needs a replacement for the outgoing John Kelly

Revoke Article 50?

Former Tory PM John Major said it must be "immediately" revoked

People like Green Party?

People might not vote for them but they like the Green Party

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Tuesday - 11th Dec 2018

No meaningful vote?

There was supposed to be an important vote today, it's not happening

Climate cause financial crash?

Climate change has both environmental and economical effects

UK stand up to antisemitism?

Poll: British politics has worst record for antisemitism in Europe

Celebrate Human Rights Day?

December 10 marks 70 years since the UN adopted resolution

Monday - 10th Dec 2018

Trump respectful to Bush Sr.?

The 41st US president has died, at the age of 94

Who are the Gilets Jaunes?

Thousands have protested in Paris against Emmanuel Macron

Reform Mental Health Act?

Independent review recommends 150 changes for the government

Do the public back May?

As the crucial vote approaches do people back the PM's deal?