Saturday - 23rd Jun 2018

Brexit dividend bogus?

The Prime Minister claimed new funds for the NHS would come from Brexit

Thank Corbyn for Brexit?

The Daily Mail have raised a toast to the Labour leader

Release the Snyder cut?

Fans are asking for an alternate version to Justice League

New Question Time host?

David Dimbleby has presented the show since 1994, but he's now stepping down

Get kids off social media?

Head of NHS England believes social media firms must take responsibility

Early risers less depressed?

A new study says women who wake up earlier are less likely to become depressed

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Friday - 22nd Jun 2018

May shut Corbyn down in PMQs?

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn discuss the NHS in PMQs

Ex-pat Brits guarantee?

UK govt assures EU nationals, but no arrangement for ex-pats abroad

Ban mobiles in schools?

Should Britain follow France's lead in banning mobiles

30-hours 'free' childcare?

The government scheme is putting nurseries out of business

UK throw away tidal energy?

Britain could rule global wave and tidal energy sector

Kids harmed by pollution?

Millions of British children breathing toxic air, Unicef warns

Probiotics for anxiety?

Science divided over whether probiotics can enhance mood

Thursday - 21st Jun 2018

Brexit meaningful vote?

Tory rebels back away from a vote on a "meaningful vote"

Drill causes stabbings?

Police targeting drill music videos in controversial crackdown

GOP bill end child separation?

Will the Republicans fix the Trump zero-tolerance policy?

Tackling the gender gap?

Stark gender gap in study of computer science GCSE and A level

Saudi Arabia reforming?

Saudi Arabia minister for fun sacked over female performer's pink leotard

Smiling on passport?

Face matching is easier when person is smiling, says new study

Predicting sex of baby?

Stressed out when you conceived? You're having a girl, say researchers

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Wednesday - 20th Jun 2018

GOP concern about border kids?

Trump policy is separating kids from families at the border

Europe move on from US?

NATO chief warns transatlantic relationship is at risk

Civil Service pay cap?

NHS pay rise fuels discontent among civil servants

Tolerating fake followers?

Unilever shuns social media stars who buy fake followers

Roma expulsion from Italy?

Salvini's call for Roma expulsion provokes 'fascist' outcry

All-you-can-eat profitable?

Restaurant racks up huge debt because diners ate so much food

Supplements for weight loss?

Science agrees that green tea helps to boost metabolism and weight loss

Tuesday - 19th Jun 2018

Trump policy to separate kids?

Trump falsely blames Dems for separating families at border

Trump turns against Merkel?

Trump launches unprecedented attack against Merkel

Loneliness epidemic?

Is it true that more people than ever are feeling lonely?

Ban airport alcohol?

Will we ever see a time of sobriety in the skies?

Gin for hay fever?

Can a gin a day keep hay fever away?

Follow freckle tattoo trend?

Are freckle tattoos cute or harmful?