Wednesday - 15th Aug 2018

Melania to divorce Trump?

Explosive revelations in sacked White House aide's book

Trump end Mueller probe?

Two-thirds of Americans want it to end before the midterms

Will the economy save the GOP?

Republicans face a tricky test in the November midterms

Blame EU for no-deal Brexit?

Jeremy Hunt: EU must change its approach to avoid no-deal

More social housing?

Social housing green paper slammed for failing to include new affordable homes

Tackling cyber crime?

Two thirds of UK consumers consider computer fraud inevitable

UK unemployment low?

Unemployment down, but 100,000 households in West Yorkshire out of work

Tories punishing cyclists?

"Death by dangerous cycling" law considered by the government

Hunting Act effective?

Conviction rates fall to all-time low as campaigners say act is 'in tatters'

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Tuesday - 14th Aug 2018

Will Turkey give in to US?

Erdogan remains defiant in the face of strict US sanctions

Can Medicare-for-all work?

Are the numbers right for Bernie Sanders' health care plan?

House of Fraser saved?

Can Mike Ashley turn it into the 'Harrods of the high street'

Saving killer whales?

Orca abandons dead calf after 17-day vigil

Tories caused rough sleeping?

Government announces £100 million rough sleeping plan

Will NASA probe touch the sun?

NASA launches solar probe on difficult mission

Protein shakes for buff body?

Well, actually, it's not that simple

CBT effective?

CBT-therapists reveal 43 per cent of clients experience unwanted side-effects

Monday - 13th Aug 2018

Trump stoked racial tensions?

A year has passed since the violent Charlottesville rally

Skripal poisoning sanctions?

Russia faces more US sanctions over poisoning, calls it 'economic war'

Death by Fentanyl?

Judge clears way for America's first execution using Fentanyl

Monsanto exposed?

Cancer sufferer wins $289m against glyphosate manufacturer

Gay conversion therapy?

Christian groups still promoting 'gay cure'

Trump on vacation?

Donald Trump is on a "working vacation" in New Jersey

Yoga in the classroom?

Children are doing yoga at school and people aren't happy

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Sunday - 12th Aug 2018

Brexit delays Indy Ref 2?

Will Scotland make another bid for independence?

Democrats edging ahead?

Only a third of Americans believe their country is on the right track

Online ads too invasive?

They know where you live, they know what you like, they know who you are

Saturday - 11th Aug 2018

Oust Tom Watson?

Thousands joined a Twitter campaign to get rid of the politician

Nobody around to pick fruit?

Brexit might mean farming produce goes to waste

Too poor to retire?

Many believe they will not have enough to live on in retirement

Report family for crimes?

If a friend or family committed a crime, could you turn them in?

Google Glass helps autism?

Google Glass could help people with autism, but it is very expensive

Online people push self harm?

Communities on certain websites are sharing information about self harming