Tuesday - 9th Apr 2019

Referendum splitting Labour?

The prospect of a confirmatory referendum is divisive

New internet laws?

The UK wants online platforms to have a duty of care towards users

A news app like no other

Thursday - 18th Apr 2019

No confidence in May?

Her party is reportedly trying to remove her from power

First gay president?

Pete Buttigieg is running for the Democrat ticket in 2020

Wednesday - 17th Apr 2019

Firefighters help the police?

Aren't they busy enough without a second job?

AOC quit social media?

The Democrat calls social media a "public health risk"

Presenteeism a problem?

People who should be off sick are still going into work

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 16th Apr 2019

Parliament right to take a break?

We could all do with a bit of time off

Customs union solve Irish border?

Irish PM: a customs union will be a "win-win" for UK and EU

Use Scottish banknotes in UK?

MP puts bill forward to ensure Scottish banknotes are accepted

Eat different to save Earth?

It's like being a superhero without any superpowers

Monday - 15th Apr 2019

Eight steps to save Tories?

Are the Tories doomed as a party, or can they recover?