Friday - 20th Apr 2018

Tackling housing crisis?

Garages in Bristol converted into one-bed flats

Do nurses need bursaries?

Professor says lack of bursary encourages more motivation

Arthur or Alice for royals?

Could the next royal baby be called Arthur or Alice?

Standing room planes?

Should we be expected to fly in aircraft seats barely big enough for Borrowers?

India invented the internet?

Minister ridiculed for saying ancient India invented the World Wide Web

Abortion pill at home?

Women in England and Wales required to take misoprostol at a clinic

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Thursday - 19th Apr 2018

The next Watergate?

Is Trump mirroring Richard Nixon with the Russia probe?

Live with Brexit Lords defeat?

The Lords are trying to amend Brexit legislation

Rudd to resign over Windrush?

Rudd should take 'responsibility' rather than seek to blame Home Office

Forget St George's Day?

The feast day for England's patron saint is on Monday

India against child rape?

Is the death penalty the only deterrent for rapists in India?

Emojis bad for education?

Emojis ruin English skills, according to research

No girls, no entry?

Is it OK for bars to turn away groups of men?

Wednesday - 18th Apr 2018

Did Syria chem attack happen?

Investigative journalist casts doubt on chemical attack in Syria

Forcing rape victims to talk?

Esther McVey claims benefits 'rape clause' will help victims

James Comey failed FBI?

Former FBI director spills the beans on Trump

Allow Commonwealth homophobia?

Being gay is still illegal in 36 Commonwealth countries

Vote on final Brexit deal?

'People's Vote' Brexit campaign group launched

H&M fair living wage?

Fashion giant called out for failing to pay workers a fair, living wage

Cuts to legal aid?

Criminal bar resolute as chambers back action over legal aid cuts

Tackling childhood obesity?

Teens should be taught about diet for their future children

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Tuesday - 17th Apr 2018

Will Syria strikes cost Trump?

Will 'mission accomplished' terminate mission for the GOP?

Paul Ryan exit bad for GOP?

Republican House Speaker is retiring from Congress

Charles Head of Commonwealth?

Labour leader says prince should not become head automatically

Social media for business?

JD Wetherspoon closes social media accounts

Fully legalise pot in Oz?

The Greens want the green stuff to be fully legalised

Preferred primary school?

London parents go to 'extraordinary lengths', but in York it's easier

Fear of raw meat?

Millennials scared of handling raw meat can buy in touch-free packs

Monday - 16th Apr 2018

Broadcast Rivers of Blood?

BBC marks 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s speech

Confirm Mike Pompeo?

CIA Director is Trump's choice for secretary of state

New UKIP leader?

New UKIP leader Gerard Batten already planning to quit

Global shipping cut emissions?

Carbon emissions from global shipping to be halved by 2050

Weibo bans gay content?

Chinese alternative to Twitter bans gay content, fans respond '#IAmGay'

Are smart meters a good idea?

Woman demands smart meter removed after bills 'almost doubled'

Two daily wines shorten life?

Science split on the effects of two glasses of wine per day