Monday - 20th Nov 2017

Stop Trump over nuclear war?

US general: I would resist 'illegal' Trump nuclear strike order

Are Brexiteers unhinged?

Senior Tory MP calls Brexit supporters "unhinged"

Kezia Dugdale suspension?

Former Scottish Labour leader joins I'm A Celeb

Driverless cars dangerous?

Jeremy Clarkson has warned that he could have been killed by one

Reverse trophy hunting ban?

Trump considers lifting the ban, and then changes his mind

Fake v real Christmas tree?

Whether you're a faker or a purist, here are the best on offer

C-section or natural birth?

Hospitals must end 'ideological' hostility to caesareans, say campaigners

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Sunday - 19th Nov 2017

Minimum alcohol pricing works?

Scotland has introduced minimum pricing for alcohol

Coca-Cola polluting?

Greenpeace accuse Coca-Cola of polluting the oceans

All aboard the Tesla truck?

There could be another step forwards in the automotive industry

The sacrilegious sausage roll?

Sausage rolls are divine, but should they usurp Jesus Christ?

Time to axe Depp?

The actor's personal history makes him a controversial choice

Saturday - 18th Nov 2017

Britain becoming irrelevant?

Tony Blair's former chief of staff believes that is the case

Biden 2020?

Obama's VP could end up going for the Oval office himself

Can smacking cause problems?

Hitting children for discipline may cause psychological damage

An adaptation too far?

It might be good business, but does anyone need a new adaptation?

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Friday - 17th Nov 2017

Universal Credit fears?

New claimants will not receive money before Christmas

Republicans in danger?

GOP governors fear wipeout in 2018 midterm elections

Blame millennials for housing?

Millennials cannot get their foot on the property ladder

Fighting cyber bullying?

Prince William launches anti-cyber bullying campaign

Listen to flat-earthers?

Flat-earthers gather for <s>global</s> international conference

Thursday - 16th Nov 2017

Tories care about Ireland?

Theresa May accused of putting party politics above Ireland

Trump v Obama in Asia?

President repeats false story about his predecessor

Zimbabwe coup?

Uncertainty over Mugabe's whereabouts as military denies coup

LGBT victory in Australia?

Australians say Yes to equal marriage in historic vote

Is #TubeCrush sexist?

Study reveals preference for men with muscles and money

Facebook tackle revenge porn?

Social media giant is asking for nudes to pre-empt posting

Costly Christmas food?

Lidl wins the supermarket price war for festive treats

Grandparents bad for kids?

Study finds some smoking in front of grandchildren and not giving them exercise