Wednesday - 29th Mar 2017

Trump wrong on climate?

President launches assault on Obama's legacy

Legalise cannabis?

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Canada by 2018

Drunk women rape risk?

Rape victim says judge 'right about women's drunkenness'

Tetris help with PTSD?

Fewer flashbacks for patients who played the game

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Tuesday - 28th Mar 2017

Are judges out of touch?

Cricketer who forced wife to drink bleach, spared jail

Never too late for love?

Divorce rates have dropped apart from among 'silver splitters'

Gov tackling child obesity?

One in three UK children aged 11 are overweight

Monday - 27th Mar 2017

Social media - less teen mums?

Teen pregnancies fall to record low in UK

Sperm donation?

Donor was burglar diagnosed with schizophrenia

A news app like no other

Sunday - 26th Mar 2017

Fight dementia with a brew?

Morning cuppa could be more beneficial than you think

Send the kids out to play?

UK children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates

Saturday - 25th Mar 2017

Society sexualising girls?

Too much too young or just part of growing up?

Clock change making you sick?

Is gaining an extra hour of daylight really worth losing sleep over?

Does life begin at 50?

Some say life begins at 40, but science says the fun really starts at 50

Dump colonoscopies?

Mortality risk from test is greater than cancer