Wednesday - 15th Aug 2018

AI better than doctors?

AI can diagnose eye disease as accurately as some doctors

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 14th Aug 2018

Can Medicare-for-all work?

Are the numbers right for Bernie Sanders' health care plan?

Protein shakes for buff body?

Well, actually, it's not that simple

CBT effective?

CBT-therapists reveal 43 per cent of clients experience unwanted side-effects

Monday - 13th Aug 2018

Death by Fentanyl?

Judge clears way for America's first execution using Fentanyl

Monsanto exposed?

Cancer sufferer wins $289m against glyphosate manufacturer

Gay conversion therapy?

Christian groups still promoting 'gay cure'

Yoga in the classroom?

Children are doing yoga at school and people aren't happy

A news app like no other

Sunday - 12th Aug 2018

Prevent childhood obesity?

More information for parents could make a big difference

Fertility depends on pants?

Wear the right underpants, your future children could depend on it!

Saturday - 11th Aug 2018

Google Glass helps autism?

Google Glass could help people with autism, but it is very expensive

Online people push self harm?

Communities on certain websites are sharing information about self harming