Monday - 29th May 2017

Young v old for fitness?

From pre-teen bodybuilders to oldest gymnast in the world at 92

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Sunday - 28th May 2017

Nitrous Oxide dangerous?

Nitrous oxide more popular in UK than any other country

Fennel alternative to HRT?

Hot flush? Before you reach for the fennel have a read of this

Teeth whitening safe?

White teeth no longer a Hollywood exclusive but is it safe to bleach?

Is cheerleading a sport?

It's become one of the most dangerous athletic activities for women

Saturday - 27th May 2017

Rosemary to improve memory?

Are the claims true about this versatile herb?

Alcohol in pregnancy?

Is telling women not to drink during pregnancy 'sexist'?

Instagram causes depression?

Instagram 'worst for young mental health'

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Friday - 26th May 2017

Cut Planned Parenthood?

Trump's budget proposal aims to cut all funding

Chocolate every day?

Can a chocolate bar a day keep the doctor away?

Part-time veggie?

Flexitarianism can almost halve the risk of obesity

Thursday - 25th May 2017

End NHS bed-blocking?

Older people taking up beds at crisis level

Has plastic bag ban worked?

Tesco to trial a phase out of single-use 5p plastic bags

Let it grow?

Pubic hair is becoming more popular

Swipe right for sperm donor?

Just a Baby app matches people who want to conceive