Sunday - 23rd Jul 2017

Can the UK end smoking?

New government plans seek to drastically cut smoking figures

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Friday - 21st Jul 2017

Cruz amendment dangerous?

HHS finds it could lower premiums and boost enrolment

Clean eating 'damaging'?

Diet is 'malevolent and damaging', says eating disorder expert

Thursday - 20th Jul 2017

Muslim sex guide needed?

Do Muslim couples really need sex education?

Should Medicaid receive cuts?

Medicaid showed "political clout" in Trumpcare failure

Right to die for mentally ill?

Young Canadian who fought for assisted suicide has died

A news app like no other

Wednesday - 19th Jul 2017

Is Trumpcare dead?

Third time unlucky for Trump's health care bill

E-cigs in the workplace?

Government report says vaping should be allowed in offices

Tanning without sunscreen?

Love Island blamed for promoting dangerous tanning