Friday - 24th Feb 2017

Labour crying wolf over NHS?

Jeremy Corbyn clashes with Theresa May over the health service

Is transgender ban right?

Trump revokes Obama's ruling on transgender toilet use

Do EU medics prop up NHS?

Up to 12,000 EU doctors could quit UK because they feel unwelcome

Eat 10 fruit and veg a day?

5-a-day must double to reduce risk of strokes and heart disease

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Thursday - 23rd Feb 2017

Stay home dads: Is it all bad?

Employers fail to adapt to break down of gender stereotypes

Whiplash reform a good thing?

Car insurance about to rise, despite promises

Walk 10,000 steps a day?

American scientist claims it is a "meaningless fitness goal"

Wednesday - 22nd Feb 2017

Is fish bad for us?

Eating swordfish could double risk of Motor Neurone Disease

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Tuesday - 21st Feb 2017

Pedestrianising Oxford St?

Sadiq Khan says 2020 is the deadline, but will it happen?

Does positive thinking work?

Psychology professor Svend Brinkmann thinks it makes us miserable

Monday - 20th Feb 2017

Anti-vaxxers winning?

Majority of Americans think vaccines are safe and necessary

Caring for the bereaved?

Facebook doubles bereavement leave, UK chops benefits