Friday - 20th Apr 2018

Do nurses need bursaries?

Professor says lack of bursary encourages more motivation

Abortion pill at home?

Women in England and Wales required to take misoprostol at a clinic

Follow glittery food trend?

Is there an ugly side to the pretty glittery food trend?

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Wednesday - 18th Apr 2018

Did Syria chem attack happen?

Investigative journalist casts doubt on chemical attack in Syria

Forcing rape victims to talk?

Esther McVey claims benefits 'rape clause' will help victims

Tackling childhood obesity?

Teens should be taught about diet for their future children

Tuesday - 17th Apr 2018

Fully legalise pot in Oz?

The Greens want the green stuff to be fully legalised

Fear of raw meat?

Millennials scared of handling raw meat can buy in touch-free packs

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Monday - 16th Apr 2018

Two daily wines shorten life?

Science split on the effects of two glasses of wine per day