Sunday - 23rd Jul 2017

Hollywood ruined zombies?

George Romero believed Hollywood ruined the genre he was famous for

More Ed Sheeran cameos?

The singer recently appeared in Game of Thrones

Another Saw film?

The film series is releasing another instalment

Are video games good for kids?

Children are playing and watching video games more

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Saturday - 22nd Jul 2017

Walking simulator games?

Why do people hate walking simulators?

Is IMAX worth it?

Is it worth paying so much extra to watch a film in IMAX?

Friday - 21st Jul 2017

Radiohead boycott of Israel?

The band ignores activists to play gig

Who will win Open 2017?

Could local hero Tommy Fleetwood win at Royal Birkdale?

A news app like no other

Thursday - 20th Jul 2017

Angry about BBC pay?

BBC list of top earners reveals gender pay gap

Muslim sex guide needed?

Do Muslim couples really need sex education?

Craft beer sell-out?

Even Wetherspoon's sells craft beer these days

Wednesday - 19th Jul 2017

England v Scotland?

Rivals clash tonight in Women's Euros

Ed Sheeran an actor?

Singer's acting debut trashed on Twitter

Tanning without sunscreen?

Love Island blamed for promoting dangerous tanning