Friday - 24th Feb 2017

Is David Haye a poser?

Haye and Bellew exchange barbs before fight of the year

A news app like no other

Thursday - 23rd Feb 2017

Is TV evolving fast enough?

Average Brit spends over eight years of their lives watching TV

Wednesday - 22nd Feb 2017

Lego Batman fit in DCEU?

The Caped Crusader appears in brick form

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 21st Feb 2017

Can piracy be stopped?

Google and Microsoft have signed up to a crackdown on internet piracy

Man United v Chelsea?

Mourinho starts the 'mind games'

Weird choice for DCEU?

Mel Gibson in talks with Warner Bros to direct Suicide Squad 2

Monday - 20th Feb 2017

Did Milo deserve airtime?

Milo Yiannopoulos appears on Bill Maher's Real Time

Loving Angela Scanlon?

One Show host cops it for rudeness to Emma Willis