Saturday - 20th Jan 2018

Automation gives free time?

The robots are coming to steal our jobs, but we might not care

YouTube hurts small channels?

The popular site is being tougher on content creators

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Friday - 19th Jan 2018

Scrap PFIs after Carillion?

Should the government end PFIs after Carillion liquidation?

No power roles for women?

Suffragette and Great Gatsby star is "fed up" of playing wives/girlfriends

Coffee shops in decline?

Costa Coffee's High Street sales fall

Thursday - 18th Jan 2018

Who won PMQs?

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash over Carillion crisis

Work in a supermarket?

Aldi employees reveal long hours, poor work-life balance, but good pay

A news app like no other

Wednesday - 17th Jan 2018

Can Brexit be reversed?

EU leaders: UK can reverse Brexit decision if it wants to

Trade deal with US bad move?

Deal could see UK obesity soar, says ex-Shadow Defra Secretary

Is London a 24-hour city?

Curbs on bar hours 'threaten London nightlife', so where's the Night Czar?

Throw money at electric cars?

Ford to pump $11bn (£8bn) in electric cars by 2022