Thursday - 18th Oct 2018

100 hour week?

Are 100 hour weeks acceptable in "crunch time"?

A news app like no other

Friday - 19th Oct 2018

Facebook video scam?

Facebook has inflated the analytics on video ads

Wembley sale fell through?

The deal to sell Wembley Stadium has collapsed

Wednesday - 17th Oct 2018

Northern to keep franchise?

Some have called for government to strip the Northern Rail of its licence.

Councils taking risks?

Cash strapped councils are taking financial risks

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 16th Oct 2018

Man Utd and Saudi Arabia?

Money should not be a way to avoid human rights abuses

Monday - 15th Oct 2018

Eurostar survive post-Brexit?

The government said trains between the London and Europe could face disruption.

WH Smith downsizing?

As WH Smith announce planned store closures, is the business model changing?