Friday - 22nd Sep 2017

Norwegian Air under threat?

Ryanair boss says Scandinavian company 'not long for this world'

Govt to fix debt problem?

Cancelling personal debt will prevent recession, say experts

Vaping gets official go-ahead?

Quit smoking campaign backs e-cigs

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Thursday - 21st Sep 2017

Has Brexit become boring?

There are further worries about the cost of Brexit

A solution for Ryanair?

Hundreds of thousands of customers have had flights canceled

Wednesday - 20th Sep 2017

Biosimilar threat to pharma?

Cheaper copy-cat drugs could revolutionise cancer treatment

Robot threat to UK jobs?

Robots could take 4m UK jobs within 10 years

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Tuesday - 19th Sep 2017

Is Bitcoin a threat?

China tightens cryptocurrency ban with new directive

Is the toy market contracting?

Toys 'R' Us 'preparing for possible bankruptcy filing'