Sunday - 23rd Jul 2017

Bayer Monsanto bad news?

The upcoming merger may not benefit everybody

Will HS2 succeed?

Contracts for the high speed rail network have been awarded

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Saturday - 22nd Jul 2017

Fantasy sports betting?

Betting pools for fantasy sports could lead to trouble

Friday - 21st Jul 2017

Can UK survive EU no deal?

Liam Fox: EU deal is "one of the easiest in human history"

New Grenfell boss to resign?

Shouts of 'murderer' greet new boss at first council meeting

Hugging v handshaking?

Hugging in the workplace on the rise

A news app like no other

Thursday - 20th Jul 2017

Raise retirement age?

Rise in pension age to 68 to happen seven years early

Craft beer sell-out?

Even Wetherspoon's sells craft beer these days

Wednesday - 19th Jul 2017

E-cigs in the workplace?

Government report says vaping should be allowed in offices

Inflation drop beneficial?

Inflation makes a surprise drop to 2.6 per cent

Work side by side with robots?

They're coming for our jobs but can we work with robots?