GOP concern about border kids?

Trump policy is separating kids from families at the border



Wednesday - 20th Jun 2018

GOP concern about border kids?

Trump policy is separating kids from families at the border

Europe move on from US?

NATO chief warns transatlantic relationship is at risk

Civil Service pay cap?

NHS pay rise fuels discontent among civil servants

Can Belgium win the World Cup?

The Belgians stroll past Panama in Group G opener

Tolerating fake followers?

Unilever shuns social media stars who buy fake followers

Roma expulsion from Italy?

Salvini's call for Roma expulsion provokes 'fascist' outcry

All-you-can-eat profitable?

Restaurant racks up huge debt because diners ate so much food

Will the EU ban memes?

EU copyright law could filter out text, audio, photos and video

Is gaming addiction real?

World Health Organisation classifies it as a mental disorder

Supplements for weight loss?

Science agrees that green tea helps to boost metabolism and weight loss

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Tuesday - 19th Jun 2018

Trump policy to separate kids?

Trump falsely blames Dems for separating families at border

Optimistic about England?

Can the Three Lions go all the way in the World Cup?

Trump turns against Merkel?

Trump launches unprecedented attack against Merkel

Legalisation of cannabis oil?

Jeremy Hunt signals support, whilst Theresa May disagrees

Loneliness epidemic?

Is it true that more people than ever are feeling lonely?

Dirty Switzerland?

Brazil's Neymar was fouled 10 times during 1-1 draw

Ban airport alcohol?

Will we ever see a time of sobriety in the skies?

Gin for hay fever?

Can a gin a day keep hay fever away?

Try cold workouts?

Should we all be working out in the cold?

Follow freckle tattoo trend?

Are freckle tattoos cute or harmful?


Theresa May replacement?

Could David Davis or Phillip Lee replace May as PM one day?

Rob Rogers sacking legit?

Is the cartoonist's sacking anything to do with censorship?

Christopher Chope a scapegoat?

Tory MP condemned for blocking upskirting bill

North Macedonia name success?

Is the name North Macedonia here to stay?

Drop the B in LGBT?

Should bisexuals be excluded from the LGBT acronym?

Axe David de Gea?

Spain goalkeeper had a performance to forget against Portugal

Ban mobiles in school?

Should mobile phones be banned in school?

Solar-powered Bitcoin?

William Shatner pushing for bitcoin miners to use solar power

Cycle to work?

Will your morning commute switch to two wheels?

Moon milk miracle?

Should you be drinking Moon Milk before bed?

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Sunday - 17th Jun 2018

Still celebrate Father's Day?

If you're reading this and haven't got your dad a gift yet, dash to the shops

Boris Brexit Bridge?

Boris Johnson loves staggeringly expensive bridges

Ronaldo's last World Cup?

At 33 he's not getting any younger. Is this Ronaldo's last World Cup?

Martial quitting United?

The French forward's agent has said he wants to leave the club

Split up California?

The US state would be split into three smaller states

Brexit needs "more guts"?

Boris Johnson thinks there needs to be a tougher negotiation

Griezmann dragged it out?

Was the Atletico Madrid forward needlessly dramatic?

How far can Russia go?

A 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia was a good opener to the World Cup

Back celebrities in politics?

Are celebrities here to stay in the world of politics?

May failed to win over rebels?

The Prime Minister made a lot of promises to different groups

Saturday - 16th Jun 2018

What happened with Fekir?

Nabil Fekir looked all set to join Liverpool but that has changed

Get on without the US?

Is the G7 now the G6 plus Donald Trump?

Slap tariffs on Trump?

Trump imposed new tariffs on his allies and warned them not to retaliate

Ban Fortnite game?

Girl, nine, in rehab after Fortnite addiction made her wet herself

US - North Korea success?

North Korea has agreed to denuclearise, though details are scarce

Labour or Tories done better?

Which party has done better since the general election?

Premier League winter break?

Premier League teams will get a weekend off in February

Messi carrying Argentina?

Are Argentina's chances of success all up to Messi?

Lopetegui sacked?

Julen Lopetegui was sacked days before the World Cup

Common drugs depression link?

Over 200 common prescriptions have depression as a possible side effect