Regret voting for Trump?

More Hillary voters regret their choice than Trump voters



Friday - 22nd Sep 2017

Regret voting for Trump?

More Hillary voters regret their choice than Trump voters

House of Lords abolition?

New expenses scandal as peers pick up £1.2million for turning up

Norwegian Air under threat?

Ryanair boss says Scandinavian company 'not long for this world'

Govt to fix debt problem?

Cancelling personal debt will prevent recession, say experts

Supporting Sampson?

England women's football boss sacked for 'inappropriate behaviour'

West Ham v Tottenham?

Spurs will be looking to enact revenge on London rivals

Fingerprint payment exciting?

London supermarket trials "payment by vein"

Bash Facebook for Russian ads?

They allowed Russian political ads during election

Vaping gets official go-ahead?

Quit smoking campaign backs e-cigs

Are millennials hard workers?

Generation Y have turned out to be great employees

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Thursday - 21st Sep 2017

Has Brexit become boring?

There are further worries about the cost of Brexit

Trump irresponsible at the UN?

President launches into a "dark and dangerous" speech

Catalans go for independence?

The police have stepped in to stop the referendum

A solution for Ryanair?

Hundreds of thousands of customers have had flights canceled

Highest mental health risk?

Young women are the highest mental health risk group

Klopp under pressure?

Liverpool knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Leicester

Should drugs be legalised?

Prince William has posed a difficult question on drugs

Electric vehicles get far?

Electric bus makes record 1,000 mile journey on single charge

Does the Ox fit at Liverpool?

As far as first starts go, Oxlade-Chamberlain's was very poor

Drop the League Cup?

Is the competition too similar to the more prestigious FA Cup?

Wednesday - 20th Sep 2017

Blue Whale link to suicides?

Rumoured internet challenge creates hysteria in India

Will Trump be a success at UN?

President pushes reform in speech at the United Nations

Is austerity an evil choice?

Nick Clegg accuses Labour of "demonising" austerity

Suu Kyi doing enough?

Online petitions call for Nobel Peace award to be withdrawn

Biosimilar threat to pharma?

Cheaper copy-cat drugs could revolutionise cancer treatment

Spicer's Emmys cameo funny?

Ex-White House press secretary makes surprise appearance

Chelsea need Costa?

Costa hasn't played for Chelsea since FA Cup final in May

World end on Saturday?

Christians claim a Bible verse proves end of world is nigh

Robot threat to UK jobs?

Robots could take 4m UK jobs within 10 years

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Tuesday - 19th Sep 2017

£350m a week after Brexit?

Boris Johnson revives Vote Leave claim, despite inaccuracy

Vigilantes work with police?

Police may be forced to work with paedophile hunters

Medicare for all?

Bernie Sanders announces his "Medicare for All" plan

Stop Iraq Kurdish referendum?

Iraq demands suspension of Kurdistan independence vote

Is Bitcoin a threat?

China tightens cryptocurrency ban with new directive

Rooney 'sensational'?

Opinion split over player's performance during 4-0 defeat

Blame Luiz for red card?

Chelsea defender sent off in draw against Arsenal

'Cut off' the internet?

Trump calls it "main recruitment tool" for terrorists

Is the toy market contracting?

Toys 'R' Us 'preparing for possible bankruptcy filing'

Monday - 18th Sep 2017

Sack Boris over Brexit?

Foreign Secretary pens article, viewed as leadership bid

Can Cable be the next PM?

Lib Dem leader said it is "perfectly plausible"

Stopping the DIY terrorists?

European laws to control homemade bombs face problems

Trump caved in to Democrats?

President works with Pelosi and Schumer on DACA deal

Rellik v Liar?

Two British dramas by same writers go head-to-head on a Monday

Can Hodgson revive Palace?

Former England boss takes over from Frank de Boer

Drones dangerous to humans?

Study reveals consumer drones unlikely to cause serious injury

Real Madrid want Sanchez?

Real players against Sanchez move to Spain

Gingers less attractive?

'Ed Sheeran' effect getting more ginger men laid

Flu jab waste of time?

Jab offers little or no protection against the virus in elderly