Sure to avoid no deal?

Should the prime minister guarantee the UK won't leave without a deal?



Friday - 18th Jan 2019

Sure to avoid no deal?

Should the prime minister guarantee the UK won't leave without a deal?

Ready for Blue Monday?

It's supposed to be the most depressing day of the year

Will Ghostbusters flop?

It's a franchise where only the first movie is universally liked

Successful sausage roll?

Greggs' share price has never been higher since releasing the vegan version

Bitcoin environmental damage?

Is mining for the cryptocurrency bad for the environment?

Punishment for Bielsa?

The Leeds United manager gave 'em the old razzle dazzle

Vegan footballers?

Smalling credits vegan diet with helping him "recover quicker"

Morata out, Higua-in?

We apologise for the terrible title pun

Flexitarians save the world?

Planetary health diet could result in the feeding of the 10bn

Bin your receipts?

Study: 'harmful' chemicals found in nearly all shop receipts

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Thursday - 17th Jan 2019

Brexit, what happens now?

The government has survived a vote of no confidence

Minister for hunger?

Over four million children are living in poverty in the UK

Breast cancer testing tool?

Are claims of the testing tool premature from the media?

Spider-Man ruins Avengers?

Are Marvel messing up their centrepiece movie?

$15 minimum wage?

Bernie Sanders wants to raise the federal minimum wage

Gender neutral option?

New Yorkers can choose gender neutral on birth certificates

Hunting with dogs?

Is hunting with dogs part of countryside life, or the pursuit of a few?

Sven Mislintat departure?

Arsenal's head of recruitment could leave the club

Spurs cope without Kane?

Harry Kane will be out until March with injury

Internet of Things safe?

Smart home devices are vulnerable to hackers

Wednesday - 16th Jan 2019

Gillette ad important?

Gillette's new ad has met with praise and backlash

No deal or no Brexit?

May's deal has been voted down. Is no deal or no Brexit more likely?

Gay jokes in Family Guy?

The animated comedy is "trying to phase out" gay jokes

Hyped for Game of Thrones?

The release date for the final series has been announced, also spoilers

Ban on wood burners?

The government has published its Clean Air strategy

Phase out fossil fuels?

It may still technically be possible to limit warming to 1.5C

Virtual reality shoes?

Can you walk the walk with VR gaming shoes?

Anyone do Solskjaer's job?

Paul Ince thinks he could have matched Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Wagner's time to go?

David Wagner is no longer Huddersfield Town manager

Newcastle listen to pundits?

Richard Keys makes odd claims about Rafa Benitez

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Tuesday - 15th Jan 2019

May to lose meaningful vote?

Theresa May will most likely lose the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal

The euro a success?

The European Union currency turns 20 years old

UK needs written constitution?

Have recent political events shown the need for a clearer set of rules?

Believe the AI hype?

Will 2019 be the year of artificial intelligence?

Work from home?

Are people more productive when they're working from home?

Trust social media?

Four out of five Americans distrust social media sites

Extra hour in bed for kids?

Sleep experts: it could tackle poor results, anxiety and obesity

Self-driving cars stalling?

Are self-driving cars taking a back seat?

Glittering career for Murray?

Andy Murray may have played the last match of an exceptional career

Time to work with Ozil?

He's their highest paid player but hasn't always been a regular

Monday - 14th Jan 2019

Both parties cheating public?

Are people being promised the undeliverable by politicians?

Norway plus Brexit?

Should Labour look to Scandinavia for Brexit inspiration?

LGBTQ education in Scotland?

Two thirds of teachers have no training on LGBTQ issues

Return for Miliband?

No, not Ed, David

Self-exclusion working?

Can the protection for problem gamblers be cheated?

Angry at government shutdown?

Americans are getting rather sick of their government being shut

Tackling kids' mental health?

7 in 10 kids with mental health issues didn't receive help last year

Closer to 8K TVs?

Did we see any advances for TV resolution at CES?

Solskjaer proved he can do it?

Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0

Arsenal have no money?

The Gunners aren't able to make permanent signings