Will Brexit end the Union?

Brexit could cost the UK far more than EU membership



Saturday - 26th May 2018

Will Brexit end the Union?

Brexit could cost the UK far more than EU membership

Benefit sanctions don't work?

A new study suggests benefit sanctions only make things worse

Italy worse than Brexit?

Is Italy heading for the EU exit door?

Tories stop copying Thatcher?

Do the Conservatives need to restyle themselves?

Zidane fighting for his job?

He's a Real Madrid legend but he's facing a trophy-less season

Arsenal and Unai Emery?

Former PSG manager Unai Emery is the man to replace Arsene Wenger

Style = substance this season?

Was this the season where idealism trumped pragmatism?

FA Cup can't save Conte?

The Chelsea manager won the FA Cup but appears to be heading for the exit

Lost faith in charities?

Charities have been in the news for all the wrong reasons

Drink more weak alcohol?

People may use weaker alcohol as a reason to drink even more

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Friday - 25th May 2018

Can Labour abolish the Lords?

Corbyn: future Labour peers must back abolition of Lords

Was MH370 mass murder?

Did MH370 disappear as a result of a murder suicide plot?

'Max fac' customs post-Brexit?

Customs plan could cost businesses £20 billion a year

Lack of LGBT in Marvel and DC?

Superhero films criticised for lack of LGBT representation

Dan Snow's lie to kids okay?

Is it okay to tell white lies about history to inspire our kids?

Liverpool v Real Madrid?

The Reds play Los Blancos in the Champions League final

UK bank holiday hot as Hawaii?

Should we expect storms or sunshine this Bank Holiday?

Flying taxis?

Uber wants to move from the roads to up in the sky

BBQs cause cancer?

Should we be worried about PAHs when we barbecue?

Take Bowl Food seriously?

Is Bowl Food more than just another foodie fad?

Thursday - 24th May 2018

Meghan Markle for president?

Has Meghan Markle got her sights set on the Oval Office?

Ireland abortion vote?

Ireland will choose whether to keep the Eighth Amendment

Brexit Plane possibility?

Could Boris Johnson's plans for a Brexit Plane ever take off?

Deep state against Trump?

Trump attacks "criminal deep state" calling it SPYGATE

Ronaldo v Salah?

Zinedine Zidane would not swap the Real Madrid star

Send Facebook your nudes?

Facebook wants your naked photos to tackle revenge porn

Cleanliness causes leukaemia?

Could leukaemia really be triggered by keeping babies too clean?

Amazon sell face recognition?

Amazon sells facial recognition technology to US police

Calorie count menus healthy?

Will America's new menu labeling laws help curb obesity?

Try mushroom coffee?

Should we all be drinking mushroom coffee?

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Wednesday - 23rd May 2018

Modernising the Tories?

Ruth Davidson says party must ditch 'authoritarian' image to win over young

Can robots replace chefs?

World's first robotic restaurant opens in Boston, USA

DOJ listen to Trump?

Trump "hereby demands" expansion of election inquiry

Kane for England captain?

Gareth Southgate names his skipper for the 2018 World Cup

Saudi women gaining equality?

Women driving activists targeted by smear campaign

Star Wars character pansexual?

Sexuality of Lando Calrissian confirmed by Donald Glover

Family planning law in China?

Falling birthrate causes 40-year population control policies re-think

Online ads help mental health?

NHS using online targeted ads to tackle mental health

Save Lucifer?

Fox sends the Devil back to hell with cancellation

Ban woodburners?

Government plans tougher rules on wood burners to cut air pollution.

Tuesday - 22nd May 2018

Snap General Election?

Tory MPs talk of snap general election over Brexit deadlock

Tackling Russian dirty money?

Shock report says City of London knowingly launders Russian 'dirty money'

Common sense gun control?

Gunman enters Santa Fe High School and murders 10 people

GDPR compliant?

Friday's the deadline for companies to ensure they're toeing the line

Defund Planned Parenthood?

The women's health provider could lose key funding

Reform stop and search?

Has Theresa May abandoned proposed stop and search reforms?

Detoxify social media?

Social media companies snub meeting with Culture Secretary

Can Celtic improve in Europe?

Brendan Rodgers leads Bhoys to second successive treble

Trust AI in cancer fight?

PM: Artificial intelligence can be weapon in cancer fight

Painkillers freely available?

Only two per cent of people in India receive pain relief when in agony