Control computers with brain?

This would be the start of human augmentation



Friday - 19th Jul 2019

Control computers with brain?

This would be the start of human augmentation

Ursula Von der Leyen right choice?

Ursula Von der Leyen is the new European Commission president

Is obesity a disease?

Two-thirds of UK adults are either overweight or obese

Huddersfield kit joke?

Come on guys, where's the real kit?

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Monday - 22nd Jul 2019

Blame EU for kipper rules?

Boris Johnson blames EU regulations - although they are UK rules

Marvel's new phase?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe enters Phase Four

Circumcision like FGM?

Critics say circumcision is as "barbaric and unnecessary" as FGM

Bale on his way out?

The Welsh winger is being forced out of Real Madrid

Thursday - 18th Jul 2019

Can work cure mental health?

Boris Johnson suggests that hard work cures mental illness

Backstop dead?

The UK takes another step towards no deal Brexit

London as hot as Barcelona?

New study: London could be as hot as Barcelona by 2050

Steve Bruce right for Newcastle?

Newcastle United have a new manager

A news app like no other

Wednesday - 17th Sep 2019

Turing on the £50?

The computer scientist and wartime codebreaker will be on the note

Hate Facebook Libra?

The new cryptocurrency is under scrutiny in Congress

Black woman as 007?

James Bond returns in 25th film - but 007 could be replaced

Arsenal ignoring fans?

Fans of the club are furious with the ownership

Tuesday - 16th Jul 2019

Recession on the way?

Is the economy headed down?

Theresa May feminist champion?

Has May championed women's rights during her premiership?

Maguire worth £80 million?

Is he worth a world record fee for a defender?

Cricket World Cup perfect final?

England win the World Cup against New Zealand in Super Over