Is the Chequers plan dead?

All 27 EU leaders have rejected Theresa May's proposal



Friday - 21st Sep 2018

Is the Chequers plan dead?

All 27 EU leaders have rejected Theresa May's proposal

Peace in Korea?

North and South Korea are closer than they have been in years

MPs smoke cannabis?

Attitudes to politicians smoking cannabis may have changed

Acknowledge Doctor Who gender?

Jodie Whittaker's premiere as the Time Lord is on October 7

Ronaldo deserve red card?

Juventus star sent off in the Champions League

City shaken by defeat?

Favourites Man City lost their first Champions League game

New Bond director?

True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga will helm the film

Hurricanes made worse?

Did man-made climate change worsen Hurricane Florence?

Martial earned a chance?

The United forward scored his first goal since January

Air pollution causes dementia?

Study: it could be responsible for 60,000 cases of dementia

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Thursday - 20th Sep 2018

Corbyn holding Labour back?

Not enough see Corbyn as a credible prime minister

Thank Trump for economy?

The president is struggling to sell the strong economy

Businesses expect no deal?

Two thirds of polled business leaders expect no Brexit deal

Cruz campaign cheating?

Will the man branded "Lying Ted" by Donald Trump keep Texas?

Spurs in a slump?

Tottenham Hotspur have now lost three games in a row

Excited for Captain Marvel?

Marvel Cinematic Universe releases its new trailer

PSG suffering in their league?

PSG's Champions League started with a defeat to Liverpool

UK global centre for Bitcoin?

Treasury committee: 'Wild West' Bitcoin should be regulated

Drink-drive limit too high?

Even within the limits, it is still potentially dangerous

Are Bert and Ernie gay?

The Sesame Street characters are "best friends"

Wednesday - 19th Sep 2018

Brexit ruins supply chain?

The Mini factory in Oxford will need to shut for a month

CofE attack Amazon?

Welby accuses the company of "leeching off the taxpayer"

Support Irish backstop option?

Boris Johnson: backstop leaves UK "effectively in the EU"

Give EU migrants preference?

Report: EU migrants should not get preferential treatment

Democrats beating Republicans?

Can the Democrats rain on Trump's parade at the midterms?

Real Madrid win four in a row?

How will Real Madrid cope without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Man City CL favourites?

City are tipped for the Champions League by the bookies

Will robots take jobs?

Robots could create over 100 million jobs by 2022

Ban early baby gender test?

Labour calls for ban amid fears it may lead to abortions

Stay away from aspirin?

Some will find "no benefit" from taking the common medicine

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Tuesday - 18th Sep 2018

Alter the deal after Brexit?

Gove suggests a different prime minister could make changes

No deal bring a recession?

IMF chief warns of “dire consequences” from no-deal Brexit

Delay Kavanaugh vote?

Sexual assault accuser comes out against SCOTUS nominee

Vote for a new party?

There may be rising support for a new political party

Multiculturalism undermine UK?

A new survey showing the public's opinions has been released

CofE hypocrites on zero hours?

Archbishop of Canterbury calls them "ancient evil"

Spitting worse than injury?

Douglas Costa spat at Federico Di Francesco during a match

Bad season for Burnley?

The Clarets are at the bottom of the Premier League

Crowdfuding bad treatments?

Crowdfunding could lead people to seek discredited treatments

Virtual reality credibility?

Emmy nominations are up for VR games and experiences

Monday - 17th Sep 2018

Trump worry about Manafort?

Former Trump campaign manager agrees plea deal with Mueller

Russia keeps lying?

The Russian response to the Skripal agents was unconvincing

Learned from financial crisis?

Over 10 years after the crash have lessons been learned?

Public don't get pay gap?

Only 30 per cent of the public correctly defined the gender pay gap

Stage Pride in Inverness?

Hundreds attack 'unsavoury and deeply offensive' Proud Ness

Use AI in warfare?

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise warfare

Pochettino needs a new plan?

Spurs were beaten by Liverpool at the weekend

Keep faith with West Ham?

Does the club need to panic, or should they stay the course?

Ban e-cigarettes?

E-cigs are 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes

Kids' mental health support?

Scottish government admits to letting down children