Brexit "white nostalgia"?

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable made the comments



Saturday - 17th Mar 2018

Brexit "white nostalgia"?

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable made the comments

How to react to Russia?

Can the UK get Russia to admit to poisoning a former spy?

Le Pen's renaming?

The French politician has renamed her party

Feminism helps working women?

There are some who are unsure whether feminism has made a difference

Relegation for Southampton?

The Saints don't want to be in that number that goes marching down

Allardyce under pressure?

The manager is not beloved by the Everton faithful

Will promoted teams stay up?

Brighton, Newcastle and Huddersfield could all survive

United loss Mourinho's fault?

Manchester United reeling after defeat to Sevilla in Champions League

Cannabis ups psychosis risk?

Study suggests using cannabis as a teenager could cause problems

More inclusion riders?

Should more film companies agree to use inclusion riders?

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Friday - 16th Mar 2018

Putin to blame for poisoning?

Labour cites WMD 'history' as Corbyn demands spy evidence

UK tackling far right?

Is banning Britain First from Facebook eough?

GOP worry about Penn result?

Democrat Conor Lamb wins tight special election

Shorter Brexit transition?

David Davis says he can "live with" shorter transition

Declining status for Chelsea?

Blues knocked out of Champions League by Barcelona

Brexit affected Unilever HQ?

Marmite maker says Brexit didn't influence move out of London

Corbyn backfires at PMQs?

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May clash over the NHS

Who cares about mental health?

UK employers show lack of interest in mental wellbeing of staff, says report

Cancer survival success?

NHS cancer care improvements have made little difference, academics say.

Listening to IoT problems?

There are concerns over Internet of Things attacks

Thursday - 15th Mar 2018

Novichok ongoing threat?

Spy poisoning: Novichok inventor says hundreds could be at risk for years

Tillerson sack ends Iran deal?

US Secretary of State fired by Donald Trump

Good Friday agreement failed?

Good Friday agreement is under threat due to Brexit

Supporting Gina Haspel?

Prospective CIA boss played role in "black site" prison in Thailand

UK shooting galleries?

MPs urged to back UK's first 'shooting galleries' for drug users

Boycott World Cup in Russia?

England will not be sending ministers or Royal Family

AI more dangerous than nukes?

Elon Musk: 'Mark my words - AI is far more dangerous than nukes'

Anti-alcohol gene?

Humans are developing a gene that could stop us from drinking alcohol

Driverless cars in motorsport?

Is the future of F1 and NASCAR without human drivers?

Penny dropped?

The Treasury could scrap 1p and 2p coins

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Wednesday - 14th Mar 2018

GOP end Russia investigation?

House Intelligence Committee drops their Russia probe

Should Hammond end austerity?

The Chancellor delivers his first Spring Statement

Slovakia outing Mafia links?

Slovakia should hand over journalist murder inquiry, say MEPs

Civil servants middle class?

Civil service fast stream favours private school applicants, says MP

Online porn checks?

Compulsory age verification checks put back to later in year

Can City seal title vs United?

Runaway leaders close to sealing Premier League win

eSports at Olympics absurd?

Competitive video gaming in the Games has been touted

Crackdown on Bitcoin?

IMF chief wants to "fight fire with fire" with blockchain tech

Period pain taken seriously?

Scientist says some women's pains as 'bad as a heart attack'

Best milk for health?

The argument over whether milk is good for health rages on

Tuesday - 13th Mar 2018

Accidental Brexit borders?

Brexit talks frozen until Irish border issue resolved

Blame games for shootings?

Trump met with execs to discuss violence in video games

Labour right on school meals?

Angela Rayner: over 1m kids could be without a hot meal

Supporting conscription?

Macron says he will reintroduce national service in France

Mourinho bad for Rashford?

United youngster impresses with 2 goals in Liverpool win

Celeb fitness DVDs a sham?

Scarlett Moffatt attended bootcamp and lived on 700 calories

Much ado about nothing?

Plagiarism software catches William Shakespeare out

Science accepts Ayurveda?

Scientist turns to Ayurvedic medicine in hunt for dementia cure

Social media job boost?

One wrong post could lose you a job

Stop acid attacks?

Teenage acid attacker gets 10 and a half years in prison