Trust Trump on Afghanistan?

The President asks the nation to trust him on strategy



Tuesday - 22nd Aug 2017

Trust Trump on Afghanistan?

The President asks the nation to trust him on strategy

Ban killer robots?

Elon Musk leading the charge against autonomous weapons

Upset about Big Ben silence?

The bells will not ring for four years due to repair work

Kaepernick 'blackballed'?

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback remains unsigned

Game of Thrones too silly?

Winter is coming, and so are the spoilers

Bieber a 'traitor'?

Floyd Mayweather Jr says pop star has deserted him

Move on from QE?

Ex-Treasury official: quantitative easing is "like heroin"

Avoid service stations?

Petrol over-priced, but motorway services getting a makeover

Are you a 'helicopter parent'?

How cossetting children affects their development

Do calories matter?

Health officials want calories reduced in popular foods

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Monday - 21st Aug 2017

Is the Trump presidency over?

Steve Bannon exits revolving door of White House

Hawking right about NHS?

Scientist is worried about future of health service

Should Mnuchin resign?

Former Yale classmates tell Trump's Treasury boss to do the right thing

Britain observes European law?

Ex-legal chief attacks "foolish" Theresa May on ECJ

Pension scam clampdown?

UK government unveils plan to halt multimillion-pound pension scams

Google embraces diversity?

Tech giant has made little progress in hiring women and minorities

Is Pulisic the real deal?

Player is America's first footballing sensation to make it in Europe

City bid for Evans a surprise?

Pep Guardiola wants to sign West Brom skipper

Coding for kids?

Dame Stephanie Shirley: two-year-olds should learn to code

Nuts cause weight gain?

Can walnuts really help us to lose weight?

Sunday - 20th Aug 2017

The great train robbery?

Is there a problem with rail fares increasing faster than wages?

Take stock of Trump's tweets?

The president may have wiped billions off the value of companies

Robots not taking jobs?

Are robots still unable to take on lots of jobs?

Is Daenerys going mad?

Be warned, this article is dark and full of spoilers!

Steve Bruce's goose cooked?

The Aston Villa manager is losing the support of the fans

Barcelona's transfer plan?

Do Barcelona have a clear transfer plan after selling Neymar?

Chelsea mishandled Costa?

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has still not left the club

Sharapova deserves wild card?

Maria Sharapova will compete in the US Open as a wild card

Obi-Wan Star Wars film?

The next standalone Star Wars film could focus on Obi-Wan

Directors slating Cinema Sins?

The popular YouTube series has been heavily criticised

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Saturday - 19th Aug 2017

Ireland border after Brexit?

The UK government has proposed plans for the Irish border

Trump's big golf course?

The US President wants more places to play golf

Aircraft carrier shows power?

The HMS Queen Elizabeth has docked in its home port of Portsmouth

Do A-Level results matter?

Are bad A-Level results really the end of the world?

End of Garden Bridge?

Plans to build a garden bridge in London have fallen down

Transfer window changes?

Will transfer window reform put the Premier League at a disadvantage?

Liverpool's leaky defence?

Klopp needs to work on shaky defence

Is Alexander-Arnold ready?

Liverpool's young player impressed against Hoffenheim

Barca inferior to Real Madrid?

Barcelona suffered a chastening defeat to Real Madrid over two legs

Too much Marvel?

Marvel's new series, The Defenders, has arrived on Netflix

Friday - 18th Aug 2017

Enough time for Brexit talks?

Brexit trade talks may be delayed until end of 2017

Defend Sarah Champion?

Shadow equalities minister quits after reaction to Sun piece

Is rape law repeal enough?

Lebanon repeals 'marry your rapist' law

Anti-India group 'terrorist'?

US adds Hizbul Mujahideen to terrorism blacklist, slaps sanctions

AI more danger than N Korea?

Elon Musk is making apocalyptic predictions again

Should Craig return as 007?

Daniel Craig confirms he's back as James Bond

United back to their best?

Red Devils were off to a flying start last weekend

Light gloves 'quick end'?

Conor McGregor says wearing light gloves will be end of Mayweather

Does sex cure stress?

A doctor prescribes more orgasms for stressed-out woman

Millennials love to snack?

The Hershey Company is getting a boost from snack-craving millennials