Cons fix housing crisis?

Can the Conservative government fix the housing crisis with its new plan?



Tuesday - 16th Oct 2018

Cons fix housing crisis?

Can the Conservative government fix the housing crisis with its new plan?

Police investigate Vote Leave?

The campaign group was found to have broken spending rules

Support for lonely elderly?

GPs will be able to prescribe dance lessons for the lonely elderly.

Should Apple kill Siri?

Apple's voice assistant failed to pick up as many commands as rivals.

Critics wrong about Venom?

Critics aren't raving about the movie, but audiences are packing out cinemas

Immigration post Brexit?

What kind of immigration rules might the UK adopt?

Recognise non-binary?

Should we adopt a non-binary pronoun society? The BBC reportedly has.

Facebook memorialise everyone?

The site allows relatives of the deceased to keep their profile active.

Man Utd and Saudi Arabia?

Money should not be a way to avoid human rights abuses

What's wrong with Germany?

They were World Cup winners only four years ago

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Monday - 15th Oct 2018

Brexit falling apart?

The prime minster's plans face many problems

£50's worth the risk?

Ministers confirm £50 notes will be printed because of British history

Who is Universal Credit for?

Universal Credit is a hugely unpopular policy

Eurostar survive post-Brexit?

The government said trains between the London and Europe could face disruption.

VR, future of pornography?

Virtual Reality has been tipped to take online pornography to the future.

Are smartphones too expensive?

Apple's highest spec phone retails for just under $2000 in Canada.

Kavanaugh impact on midterms?

Will Brett Kavanaugh affect the midterm results?

WH Smith downsizing?

As WH Smith announce planned store closures, is the business model changing?

Hazard dreams of Madrid?

The Chelsea forward has hinted that he wants a move

Henry back to Monaco?

He used to play for them, now he'll manage them

Friday - 12th Oct 2018

Freedom of speech wins?

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of two bakers who refused 'gay' cake.

Teach about British Empire?

What should schools teach in history classes?

Demand for longest flight?

The race is on for airlines to have the world's longest 'non-stop' flight

Edit genes to stop disease?

Should people mess with genetics to defend from disease?

Rescue for Patisserie Valerie?

UK chain Patisserie Valerie is on the brink of collapse, owner says.

Fasting and diabetes?

Listen to experts before trying something drastic

School uniform crisis?

EU law currently prevents a tax-relief on uniforms for those aged 14 and above.

Raise motorway speed limits?

UK law permits driving up to 70mph. But could it be safer, higher?

England behind closed doors?

England play Croatia behind closed doors in the Nations League

Aston Villa's right manager?

Former player John Terry will be Dean Smith's assistant manager

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Thursday - 11th Oct 2018

Can minister reduce suicides?

The government has appointed a minister for suicide prevention

Ivanka Trump to the UN?

Donald Trump thinks there'd be no one better for the job

US prepared for hurricanes?

Hurricane Michael made landfall on Florida's coast yesterday.

China buying influence?

Money buys influence, influence leads to power

Alcohol on the way out?

It has been revealed almost a third of under-25's do not drink.

Moral obligation on climate?

It's time for our elected leaders to lead the way

Will Hubble telescope last?

The Hubble telescope has apparently suffered another mechanical failure.

Gunn to helm Suicide Squad?

The Guardians of the Galaxy director could join DC

Brits watching too much TV?

On average Netflix viewers spend more than an hour watching TV and film's.

Barkley living up to the hype?

Is Ross Barkley finally flourishing at Chelsea?

Wednesday - 10th Oct 2018

Brexit breaking up UK?

Do Scotland and Northern Ireland want to stay in the EU or the UK?

Space travel take off?

Sir Richard Branson says space travel is "weeks" away

Google blur private locations?

France's justice minister has asked Google to blur prisons after jailbreak.

UK has a gun problem?

Two people have been bailed for the shooting of a cyclist in Liverpool

Fund universities with taxes?

Should student fees be kept high or should other sources of funding be used?

Act on climate change now?

The world has 12 years to avoid a catastrophe

Uber right to strike?

Uber staged its 24-hour strike yesterday, but are they right to strike?

End of Apple TV?

Minecraft removes itself from Apple TV as rumours suggest use as a set-top box

United show Mourinho support?

The manager wants the club to show they back him

Rematch for McGregor?

The MMA star lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov