Valentine's day bad?

Does Valentine's Day have a bad reputation, does it deserve one?



Thursday - 14th Feb 2019

Valentine's day bad?

Does Valentine's Day have a bad reputation, does it deserve one?

Brexit like a revolution?

Brexit has been compared to the French Revolution, that's not flattering

Katy Perry's shoes blackface?

The singer's designs have been withdrawn from US shops

Electric cars the future?

Is a long road ahead for electric cars?

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Friday - 15th Feb 2019

Processed foods = early death?

The NHS is sceptical of the latest French study

Rice picks England?

The West Ham midfielder has chosen to play for England

Brexit bad for LGBT?

Will Britain's exit from the EU erode LGBT rights?

AI still limited?

They're learning, though apparently not very quickly

Friday - 8th Feb 2019

Pound shop engagement rings?

Poundland sells 20,000 £1 engagement rings in a week

Lower the voting age?

Sir Patrick Stewart believes that 14-year-olds should vote

Corbyn helps May on Brexit?

The Labour leader has set out a plan for the prime minister

Everton underachieving?

Everton lose again, but is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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Wednesday - 13th Feb 2019

Turn ferries into warships?

Yes, this sounds like a smart idea...

Will Smith right for Aladdin?

Disney releases the first look of the actor as the blue Genie

5G overhyped?

The next mobile network will be 200 times faster than 4G

Tuesday - 12th Feb 2019

Back Norway plus Brexit?

Labour is shifting closer to a 'softer' Brexit

Farage's new party?

The former UKIP leader is forming a new political party

Sarri on the edge?

Chelsea lost 6-0 to Manchester City and dropped out of the top four

Support striking pupils?

Schoolchildren will walk out of lessons over climate change