Corbyn v The City?

Corbyn vows to strip City of London of dominance in British economy



Wednesday - 21st Feb 2018

Corbyn v The City?

Corbyn vows to strip City of London of dominance in British economy

Mad Max Brexit?

Brexit will be nothing like Mad Max, says David Davis

Clearance for Jared Kushner?

Rule changes could stop the President's son-in-law gaining clearance

Supporting lecturer strikes?

Students demand compensation from universities over strikes

How much should students pay?

Who should pay for University and how much should they fork over?

More scrutiny for power firms?

New energy firms entering the market may need more oversight

Will anyone do the quadruple?

The quadruple will elude Manchester City this season

4G church towers?

More church towers could carry a 4G signal to boost coverage

Defending circumcision?

Iceland could become first country to ban circumcision

Music streaming benefits all?

Digital streaming behind biggest rise in UK music sales for two decades

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Tuesday - 20th Feb 2018

Corbyn spoke to spies?

The Labour leader is accused of leaking information

Early vote to cut Commons MPs?

MPs urged to decide whether to cut size of Commons before next election

Tuition fee review?

The Prime Minister wants to conduct a review into tuition fees

New anti-Brexit party?

Can a new centrist party reverse Brexit?

Should Kate have worn black?

She was damned if she did and damned if she didn't

OK to ask about kids?

Most managers think it's a reasonable interview question

Drop FA Cup replays?

Some clubs will be happy at securing replays but others won't

Pogba back for Sevilla?

The midfielder could return in the Champions League

Medical cannabis on NHS?

Mum banned from giving son cannabis oil which stops him suffering seizures

"Ultra processed" food risk?

So called "ultra processed" foods may cause cancer

Monday - 19th Feb 2018

Blame FBI for Florida?

Trump links FBI's 'missed signals' on Florida gunman to Russia probe

Trump causing DACA problems?

Trump blames Democrats on immigration programme he ended

Russia collusion in election?

Trump says he's been exonerated, but is he right?

Labour to back Customs Union?

Could a change of policy garner support for Corbyn?

Happy that UKIP's party over?

UKIP vote to sack leader Henry Bolton after five months

VAR shambles against United?

VAR takes centre stage again in FA Cup fifth round

Can AI be our friend?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes tech can be friendly

Alderweireld exit worry?

Tottenham defender is yet to agree a new deal

Fecal transplant risky?

Could a poo transplant the way to cure bowel issues?

Positivity for long life?

Most super agers smoke, drink and take up a second career

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Friday - 16th Feb 2018

Thoughts and prayers enough?

Maybe "policy and change" is a better solution to atrocities

Blame Chris Grayling?

Virgin East Coast rail franchise to end early

Increase number of peers?

May's bid to increase peers and force through Brexit thwarted

Unpaid internships worth it?

Government is cracking down on interns who work for free

Neymar move to Real Madrid?

He just arrived at PSG, but could he be eyeing up another transfer?

Champions League glory?

Liverpool and Manchester City both racked up big wins

Too poor for marriage?

Are people finding it too expensive to get married?

Smartphone addiction?

New gadget shames phone users in the pub to put them away

Surviving the robot invasion?

Robotics and AI will replace millions of jobs, but is it all bad news?

Non stick chems weight gain?

Your favourite frying pan could be making you gain weight

Thursday - 15th Feb 2018

Extremism blocking effective?

New online tool detects and blocks terrorist propaganda

Boris right on Brexit?

Johnson attempts to reassure voters angry and alienated by Brexit

US biggest threat to world?

Perhaps it's all a matter of perspective

Arrest Netanyahu?

The Israeli Prime Minister is accused of bribery

Zuma removal 'unfair'?

ANC aims to oust President Jacob Zuma in no-confidence motion

Prompt Pay code working?

Carillion crisis exposes government's "toothless" payment code

Can Christie come back?

The Olympian experienced heartbreak as she crashed out

Arsenal focus on Europa?

It may be their only chance to qualify for the Champions League

Supplements for beauty?

Can a pill really make you look better?

Eat slower, lose weight?

Perhaps eating more slowly could help tackle obesity