Could Brexit talks fail?

The UK may not get a deal from the Brexit negotiations



Sunday - 22nd Apr 2018

Could Brexit talks fail?

The UK may not get a deal from the Brexit negotiations

US prefer Trump or Amazon?

Trump is picking a fight with Amazon, but the public may not back him

Brexit immigration-friendly?

Michael Gove believes Brexit made the UK friendlier towards immigration

Hart experience important?

Should England take Hart to the World Cup?

Right for Wenger to go?

After much speculation the long serving manager is finally leaving

Team Of The Year right?

"How dare they not include that player from the team I support!"

Hard to manage Chelsea?

Antonio Conte insists it is harder to manage Chelsea than Burnley

Is it good to cry?

Shedding a few tears could be good for your health

No painkillers when pregnant?

Painkillers could harm the fertility of future generations

Unprepared for pregnancy?

A report suggests women should be on healthier diets long before pregnancy

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Saturday - 21st Apr 2018

Leaders' popularity rising?

Military action can boost a leader's opinion polls

Rethink affordable housing?

Jeremy Corbyn wants to change the idea of what's affordable

Policy making people homeless?

Three per cent of Brits think homelessness has fallen in the last decade

Can Man City improve?

They've won the title in style, so where do they go from here?

Do United need to spend big?

There's a lot of ground to make up between them and Man City

New plastic eating enzyme?

It's amazing what science comes up with by accident

Everton fans rate Allardyce?

The club have asked fans to rate the manager's performance

Infinity War homework?

Do audiences need to go through Marvel's back catalog?

Nose art for beauty?

Should you be painting hearts and fruits on your face?

Is vaping safe for teens?

More teenagers are developing the habit, but it may not be safe

Friday - 20th Apr 2018

Tackling housing crisis?

Garages in Bristol converted into one-bed flats

Amazon fair to staff?

UK warehouse workers afraid to take loo breaks, claims undercover survey

Do nurses need bursaries?

Professor says lack of bursary encourages more motivation

Arthur or Alice for royals?

Could the next royal baby be called Arthur or Alice?

Standing room planes?

Should we be expected to fly in aircraft seats barely big enough for Borrowers?

Mourinho plans to sell Pogba?

The manager may be thinking about selling his star player

India invented the internet?

Minister ridiculed for saying ancient India invented the World Wide Web

Emily Blunt Bond?

The name's Bond. Jamie, Jemima, or Jessie Bond?

Abortion pill at home?

Women in England and Wales required to take misoprostol at a clinic

Follow glittery food trend?

Is there an ugly side to the pretty glittery food trend?

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Thursday - 19th Apr 2018

The next Watergate?

Is Trump mirroring Richard Nixon with the Russia probe?

Live with Brexit Lords defeat?

The Lords are trying to amend Brexit legislation

Rudd to resign over Windrush?

Rudd should take 'responsibility' rather than seek to blame Home Office

Forget St George's Day?

The feast day for England's patron saint is on Monday

India against child rape?

Is the death penalty the only deterrent for rapists in India?

Emojis bad for education?

Emojis ruin English skills, according to research

Burger bonus for footballers?

Accrington Stanley, who are they? A League One side now

No girls, no entry?

Is it OK for bars to turn away groups of men?

Veganism for athletes?

Professional footballers are turning to veganism, but is it healthy?

Smartphone addiction exists?

Do you need an iPhone intervention for your addiction?

Wednesday - 18th Apr 2018

Did Syria chem attack happen?

Investigative journalist casts doubt on chemical attack in Syria

Forcing rape victims to talk?

Esther McVey claims benefits 'rape clause' will help victims

James Comey failed FBI?

Former FBI director spills the beans on Trump

Allow Commonwealth homophobia?

Being gay is still illegal in 36 Commonwealth countries

Vote on final Brexit deal?

'People's Vote' Brexit campaign group launched

H&M fair living wage?

Fashion giant called out for failing to pay workers a fair, living wage

Cuts to legal aid?

Criminal bar resolute as chambers back action over legal aid cuts

Stoke survive the drop?

West Ham's late equaliser leaves Stoke five points adrift

Tackling childhood obesity?

Teens should be taught about diet for their future children

Facebook facial recognition?

Social media giant faces class action lawsuit