No confidence in May?

Resignations leave the government on the brink, will Theresa May go?



Friday - 16th Nov 2018

No confidence in May?

Resignations leave the government on the brink, will Theresa May go?

Should the Queen abdicate?

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 66 years

Route to Remain?

Is there any chance of the UK not leaving the EU?

Are beards sexy?

Almost half of women refuse to date men with beards

Depression and obesity link?

Is there a link between obesity and depression?

Love the John Lewis advert?

John Lewis recruit Elton John for their Christmas advert

Parting gift for Scudamore?

He could be paid £5 million when leaving his job

Ramsey off to Bayern?

The Arsenal midfielder will leave the club by the end of the season

VAR in Premier League?

Video assistant referees will be introduced next season

AI live up to its hype?

Google's AI leader: AI is "currently very, very stupid"

A news app like no other

Thursday - 15th Nov 2018

Brexit at last?

Theresa May has agreed the wording of the deal with the EU

Trump antagonising France?

The US president wants to "make France great again"

U-turn on betting machines?

FOBT stakes will reduce from £100 to £2 in April

People want King Charles?

Both of Prince Charles' sons are more popular than him

Experimental England vs USA?

Rooney will be back one last time, but others will get their first chance

Ranieri in at Fulham?

Slavisa Jokanovic has been sacked by Fulham

More than 2 types of diabetes?

World Diabetes Day promotes care, prevention and a cure

AI replace people?

Will AI take our jobs, or help us with them?

End of handwriting?

More universities conduct their exams on laptops than paper

No Nut November?

Challenge to avoid masturbation described as "insidious"

Wednesday - 14th Nov 2018

Hillary Clinton 2020?

Third time lucky for the former Democratic candidate?

Trust DEFRA on badger cull?

Vets accuse ministers of "blatant lies" about badger cull

Stan Lee a legend?

Stan Lee, King of Marvel Comics, has died aged 95

Women more at risk than men?

Are women at greater risk of a heart attack than men?

Same password for everything?

If you're using the same password for everything, don't

UK withdraw from UNESCO?

Penny Mordaunt wants to quit UN agency to slash aid spending

Brexit foreign footballers?

The popular game Football Manager predicted this

Sanchez off in January?

Reports have suggested the Chilean forward wants to leave

Social media = mental health?

Committee: real culprit for mental health issues is austerity

Ready for foldable smartphone?

They give users the choice of a smartphone or a tablet

A news app like no other

Tuesday - 13th Nov 2018

May to go if her deal fails?

The prime minister is facing an important vote

Climate change to blame?

California suffers from deadly wildfires, leaving 31 dead

Ban Iceland Christmas ad?

Iceland's Xmas advert about palm oil deemed "too political"

Labour offering opposition?

Is the Labour party doing enough to oppose the government?

Book a smear test now?

Ex-Corrie star Michelle Keegan video-blogged her smear test

Outsmart deepfake videos?

Fake news has extended to video manipulation

Know your death date?

Would you like to know when and how you're going to die?

Protect from cyberbullying?

Almost 10% of teachers found to be victims of cyberbullying

Stats pointless in football?

Jose Mourinho thinks critics who use stats don't understand football

Premier League needs VAR?

With every wrong decision the argument for VAR grows

Monday - 12th Nov 2018

Jo Johnson resigns?

Will Jo Johnson's resignation lead to a second referendum?

Trump afraid of the rain?

The president didn't attend an Armistice event because it was raining

Remembrance Day relevant?

Britain marked the centenary of the First World War

Would Labour edge an election?

Labour say they are ready for a general election, but will one be called?

LGBTQ education in school?

Scotland will embed the teaching of LGBTI in curriculum

Viewers split on Doctor Who?

Team TARDIS travel back to the partition of India in 1947

Banned from the World Cup?

Players who go to a European Super League could ruin their careers

Charlie Austin right to rant?

Southampton striker was furious in post-match interview

AI newsreader?

Should AI read us the news in the future?

Believe Flat Earthers' theory?

The Earth is allegedly, um, shaped like a doughnut. Yup.