Has Trump defeated ISIS?

President boasts that ISIS is "giving up" because of him



Friday - 20th Oct 2017

Has Trump defeated ISIS?

President boasts that ISIS is "giving up" because of him

Stop Universal Credit rollout?

Labour record symbolic victory as Tories abstain en masse

May fix mental health crisis?

Has the PM improved or exacerbated the situation?

Melania body double?

Is Melania Trump really who Trump says she is?

Dyche to Leicester?

Foxes eyeing up Burnley boss for Shakespeare replacement

Apprentice winner 2017?

Two names are being tipped for glory in The Apprentice

Mourinho right about injuries?

United boss accuses other managers of "crying" over injuries

Dark side to avocados?

Are avocados as healthy as everyone seems to think?

Scales make you fatter?

Should we be stepping on or away from the bathroom scales?

Bromance threat to romance?

Are close male friendships a threat to romance?

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Thursday - 19th Oct 2017

Trump tough on opioids?

Is the President doing enough to tackle opioid epidemic?

Worried about inflation rise?

UK inflation reaches five-year high at 3%

Who won PMQs?

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash over Universal Credit

#metoo effective?

There's backlash against the #metoo movement. Who's right?

Spurs belong in Europe?

Tottenham hold on to draw against Real Madrid

Shakespeare deserve sacking?

Craig Shakespeare leaves Leicester after 4 months in charge

Shrooms to treat depression?

Magic mushrooms may help ‘reset’ depressive brains

Vampire breast op?

Will Vampire Breast Lifts revolutionise cosmetic surgery?

Consciousness after death?

Do our thoughts continue after we die?

Cheese tea anyone?

Will cheese tea take off in the UK and the US?

Wednesday - 18th Oct 2017

Boris blocking Brexit talks?

Michael Fuchs: May should stand up to her Foreign Secretary

Is Obamacare dead?

Trump claims there is such thing as Obamacare anymore

Will sugar tax work?

Will sugar tax turn the UK sour?

Chelsea to retain title?

Chelsea lost to previously pointless, goalless Palace

PC Thomas Tank?

Will a new-era Thomas the Tank Engine be well received?

Lukaku kick deliberate?

Manchester United striker blamed by Dejan Lovren

Homeopathy quackery?

Should we discount homeopathy all together?

Freedom documentary success?

Was the George Michael film the 'treat' as promised?

Allow girls to be Boy Scouts?

Boy Scouts want to "shape the next generation of leaders"

Death of the selfie?

Has the selfie had its day or is it here to stay?

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Tuesday - 17th Oct 2017

Block 'no deal Brexit'?

MPs move to block Theresa May from signing 'no deal'

Invoke the 25th amendment?

Will the 25th amendment put an end to Trump's presidency?

Is Trump spiteful?

The president is attempting to destroy predecessor's legacy

AI good for the economy?

The technology could boost UK economy by £630bn

Wear a white poppy?

Peace campaigners accused of "indoctrinating" kids

Sex addiction legit?

Believe Harvey Weinstein when he says he is addicted to sex?

Koeman last until January?

Rooney rescues late draw for Everton against Brighton

Can men be feminists?

Is it 'ludicrous' for a man to label himself as a feminist?

Apocalypse now?

Is this the start of the end for the human race?

Hair dye causes cancer?

Should we believe the news that connects hair dye and cancer?

Monday - 16th Oct 2017

Brexit regret?

An increasing number of people believe Brexit is a "bad idea"

Weinstein second chance?

Any good will left for the Good Will Hunting producer?

Trump drop out of NAFTA?

Trump: "possible" for US to drop out of three-nation deal

Higher taxes for the rich?

IMF: it will cut inequality without hitting growth

Antibiotic worry?

Superbugs are becoming resistant to antibiotics

Man Utd tactics anti-football?

Manchester United hold Liverpool to a stalemate at Anfield

Blame penalty in Arsenal loss?

Arsene Wenger rails at "scandalous" penalty against Watford

Will Justice League flop?

Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg team up

iPhone 8 or X?

New iPhones are hitting the market - which is the best?

Hyperloop one reality?

Travel from LA to San Francisco to LA in a half hour?