Should Saudis be sued?

First 9/11 cases come to court



Thursday - 23rd Mar 2017

Should Saudis be sued?

First 9/11 cases come to court

Who won PMQs?

May and Corbyn clash over school budgets

Laptops banned from flights?

UK follows US in banning electronic devices

Uncaring society?

Mindfulness could be the route to compassion

Is Gorsuch impartial?

SCOTUS nominee grilled in Senate hearing

Sexism in women's footie?

New FA initiative aims to stamp out discrimination

Jones for Lions captain?

Welsh captain has Martin Johnson's backing

Cancer causing?

Breast implants or the pill - which is the culprit?

Free tampons?

UK's poorest pupils could receive free tampons

Can Dermot save Nightly?

Does he have the X Factor?

A news app like no other

Wednesday - 22nd Mar 2017

Should Trump cut meals?

POTUS cuts food to children in poorest countries

Galloway for Gorton?

'Gorgeous George' takes on Labour in Manchester

McGuinness helped peace?

IRA commander turned Sinn Fein politician dies

Mayweather running scared?

Conor McGregor psyches out his opponent

Fund the arts?

Trump plans to cut National Endowment for the Arts

Loving James Blunt?

'You're Beautiful' singer to support Sheeran on tour

Wonder Woman armpit hair?

Internet up in arms about superhero's grooming

Bastian treated unfairly?

Man Utd allows Schweinsteiger to join Chicago Fire

VR gone too far?

Could it be time to take off the headsets?

Carbs to lose weight?

Science split on best diet to fight flab

Tuesday - 21st Mar 2017

Call a general election?

Article 50 to be triggered on March 29

Momentum take-over?

Tom Watson says secret recording reveals intention

Legacy for Rio Games?

Venues left in disrepair just 6 months after Olympics

Does capitalism work?

Champion of capitalism David Rockefeller dies, aged 101

Sharapova - all forgiven?

Banned tennis star due to re-appear next month

Best duo for Bake Off?

French and Saunders turned down £2.5m to host the show

Norway happiest place?

Nordic country voted happiest in the world

Smartphone addiction?

Teenagers replacing drugs with smartphones

Pay to pee?

Isle of Arran to become a 'no go' zone ...literally

Vegetable oil causes obesity?

Scientist blames veg oil for world’s collective weight gain

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Monday - 20th Mar 2017

Should Osborne quit politics?

Is Editor role a conflict of interest?

Germany in debt to NATO?

Trump claims Germany owes defence bills to NATO

Is it over for Clinton?

Hillary considering running for NY mayor, poll says no

Should Google help NHS?

Privacy concerns over DeepMind using patient data

Did Theo deserve snub?

Arsenal top scorer left out of national team

Rugby lost its head?

France overcome Wales after 20-minute overtime

Selection bad for schools?

Cross-party alliance opposes grammar schools expansion

Does Trump's steak matter?

The President eats his steak well done. Sad!

Sex of foetus?

Obstetrician says women should be told at scan

End of Neighbours?

Fans launch petition to keep the soap on TV

Sunday - 19th Mar 2017

Is football anti black bosses?

Why are there so few black football managers?

Islamophobia on the rise?

Anti-Muslim racism? There's a name for that...

Same sex schools?

Research says single sex education better, but not for boys

Last chapter for books?

Book sales soar but who's actually reading them?

Flu vaccine for health boost?

Study reveals vaccine's unexpected health benefits

Do parents live longer?

Science says having kids brings longer life, as long as they're girls

Man City vs Liverpool?

Battle for the Top Four takes place in EPL clash

Violent games = violent kids?

Child's play or dangerous pastime?

Legalise prostitution?

Time to rethink laws around world's oldest profession?

Is salt good for you?

Science says we're not getting enough