UK headed for no deal now?

May survived her no confidence vote, what does it mean for Brexit?



Friday - 14th Dec 2018

UK headed for no deal now?

May survived her no confidence vote, what does it mean for Brexit?

Beef between China and Canada?

A series of arrests has taken place

Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Is David Tennant the best Doctor Who?

Enjoy bad Christmas movies?

Are some festive films so bad that they're good?

Avoid Christmas weight gain?

People tend to put on weight at Christmas, can't think why...

Who could replace May?

May won't contest the next election, her potential replacements aren't popular

Vegan diet for babies?

What age is it too young to start a vegan diet?

Gender issue in beer industry?

Will women smash the glass ceiling by raising a glass?

Hologram concerts?

A hologram of Amy Winehouse will tour the world next year

Mourinho learned nothing?

The Manchester United manager said he didn't learn from his defeat

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Thursday - 13th Dec 2018

No confidence in May?

The prime minister won her vote of no confidence

Time person of the year?

Time selects "The Guardians" as their people of the year

Worst year for shootings?

It's been the worst year for US school shootings in 50 years

Twelve Doctors of Christmas

He turned out not to be The Doctor but David Morrissey was excellent

May still least worst option?

Facing a vote of no confidence, is Theresa May the best of a bad situation?

All women's UFC pay-per-view?

Ronda Rousey has led the way for women in MMA

Emoji skin tones positive?

The five emoji skin tones may not go far enough

Alisson proved his value?

Jurgen Klopp said his £67 million keeper is worth double the price

Make a bid for Dembele?

The Barcelona forward scored a brilliant goal against Spurs

Teetotal Christmas?

Will you be toasting the holidays, or staying off the drink?

Wednesday - 12th Dec 2018

Racist abuse against Sterling?

The Manchester City forward was targeted by Chelsea fans

Backpacking dangerous?

Grace Millane was murdered while backpacking in New Zealand

Trump's chief of staff?

Trump needs a replacement for the outgoing John Kelly

Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Information: Voyage of the Damned was a Doctor Who Christmas special

Buy Christmas gifts for kids?

Many children will be without presents on the big day

E-bikes replace Uber?

Will the micro vehicles stop our reliance on cars?

Revoke Article 50?

Former Tory PM John Major said it must be "immediately" revoked

People like Green Party?

People might not vote for them but they like the Green Party

Pogba makes United worse?

Are Manchester United better off without Paul Pogba?

Champions League roundup

Liverpool win, Tottenham Hotspur draw, both go through

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Tuesday - 11th Dec 2018

No meaningful vote?

There was supposed to be an important vote today, it's not happening

Climate cause financial crash?

Climate change has both environmental and economical effects

UK stand up to antisemitism?

Poll: British politics has worst record for antisemitism in Europe

Change Fairytale of New York?

The Pogues' song contains a word that is upsetting people

Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Was Donna Noble the best companion The Doctor ever had?

Enough help for mental health?

Is mental health care available for those who most need it?

Celebrate Human Rights Day?

December 10 marks 70 years since the UN adopted resolution

Can Liverpool beat Napoli?

Liverpool need a win not to be knocked out of the Champions League

Any chance for Spurs?

Tottenham Hotspur need to get a result against Barcelona, tough stuff

VAR now?

Newcastle's Rafa Benitez fumes after late defeat to Wolves

Monday - 10th Dec 2018

Trump respectful to Bush Sr.?

The 41st US president has died, at the age of 94

Who are the Gilets Jaunes?

Thousands have protested in Paris against Emmanuel Macron

Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Let's go back in time to where it all began

Do Christmas shopping early?

Also find out how much the 12 Days of Christmas cost

Reform Mental Health Act?

Independent review recommends 150 changes for the government

Do the public back May?

As the crucial vote approaches do people back the PM's deal?

Trust e-scooters?

E-scooters could hit UK, but there's been accidents in US

Use hypnotherapy against IBS?

Can hypnosis help against Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Liverpool win the league?

Manchester City's loss to Chelsea has Liverpool top of the league

Relegation candidates clear?

Some teams are struggling, others may already be safe