Is Trump destroying US?

It's all going swimmingly according to The Donald



Tuesday - 21st Feb 2017

Is Trump destroying US?

It's all going swimmingly according to The Donald

Is it over for UKIP in Stoke?

Officials quit over Nuttall's Hillsborough claim

Good US-EU relations?

Vice President Mike Pence visits Brussels

Can piracy be stopped?

Google and Microsoft have signed up to a crackdown on internet piracy

Pedestrianising Oxford St?

Sadiq Khan says 2020 is the deadline, but will it happen?

Man United v Chelsea?

Mourinho starts the 'mind games'

Can Blackburn survive?

Rovers give a spirited performance in FA Cup defeat to Man Utd

Is AI over-hyped?

Microsoft CEO calls it "the ultimate breakthrough" in tech

Does positive thinking work?

Psychology professor Svend Brinkmann thinks it makes us miserable

Weird choice for DCEU?

Mel Gibson in talks with Warner Bros to direct Suicide Squad 2

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Monday - 20th Feb 2017

Tony Blair right about Brexit?

Former Prime Minister steps into the Brexit debate

Was Ted Heath a paedophile?

Results of full-scale investigation to be announced in June

Did Milo deserve airtime?

Milo Yiannopoulos appears on Bill Maher's Real Time

Anti-vaxxers winning?

Majority of Americans think vaccines are safe and necessary

Is Spain refugee tolerant?

Barcelona protest demands Spain 'take more refugees'

Should robots pay taxes?

Bill Gates thinks robots should contribute if they take jobs

Imps - impossible dream?

Lincoln City first non-leaguers to reach FA quarters in 103 years

Hartley's form worrying?

England captain under fire for poor start to 6 Nations

Caring for the bereaved?

Facebook doubles bereavement leave, UK chops benefits

Loving Angela Scanlon?

One Show host cops it for rudeness to Emma Willis

Friday - 17th Feb 2017

Will Labour win Copeland?

Doorstep feedback 'positive', says Labour. May visits next week

Can US bully NATO?

Questions over whether UK is paying its way on defence

Two-state solution?

Donald Trump not committed to Israel-Palestine two-state solution

Is the CofE homophobic?

Clergy reject report on gay marriage opposition

Ordination of women?

First CoE bishop says more to follow, but Catholic ban stays

Mayweather v McGregor?

Is it really, is it?

Mesut Ozil a scapegoat?

Arsenal suffer humiliating 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in Europe

Add emojis to the keyboard?

Apple plans to add them to their iPad smart keyboard

Are twins double trouble?

Beyonce and Amal Clooney to become twinnie moms

ADHD linked to parenting?

Patients with ADHD underdeveloped in brain volumes, scientists say

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Thursday - 16th Feb 2017

Trump's Russian connections?

Putin dismisses claim officials involved in Trump election

Hate crimes 'fabricated'?

Ukip boss says police figures are 'overblown'

Are sanctuary cities safe?

A recent study found that they do not "breed crime"

UK to win back waters?

EU memo reveals existing fishing quotas will remain after Brexit

Sexist to joke about Abbott?

Brexit secretary David Davis makes remarks about the Hackney MP

Did Rangers' boss resign?

Management says he did, Warburton reckons not

Barça decline under Enrique?

Barcelona endure humiliating 4-0 defeat in Paris

Nokia 3310: Best phone ever?

Iconic indestructible phone returns after long absence

Doctor Who vs Sherlock?

BBC Worldwide viewers rank their favourite characters

Heading causes dementia?

Research uncovers link, football authorities 'in denial'

Wednesday - 15th Feb 2017

Can the Left organise?

Protests take influence from conservative Tea Party movement

Defeating the dark web?

Students turning to Dark Web for drugs fix

Do fashion and politics mix?

New York Fashion Week is trumping The Donald

Does gay cure therapy work?

Malaysia's Government has endorsed conversion therapy

Mental health in kids ignored?

Children's Mental Health Week "spreads a little kindness"

Will Rashford leave United?

The Times says he's stalling on contract - he says not

Cavaliers vs Celtics?

Who will be the top NBA team in the East?

Compulsory sex ed in schools?

MPs call for Sex and Relationships education for all kids

Multivits waste of money?

Supplements help ailments, but good diet is usually enough

Is naked 'normal'?

Playboy reverses nudity ban in its magazines