Snap General Election?

Tory MPs talk of snap general election over Brexit deadlock



Tuesday - 22nd May 2018

Snap General Election?

Tory MPs talk of snap general election over Brexit deadlock

Tackling Russian dirty money?

Shock report says City of London knowingly launders Russian 'dirty money'

Common sense gun control?

Gunman enters Santa Fe High School and murders 10 people

GDPR compliant?

Friday's the deadline for companies to ensure they're toeing the line

Defund Planned Parenthood?

The women's health provider could lose key funding

Reform stop and search?

Has Theresa May abandoned proposed stop and search reforms?

Detoxify social media?

Social media companies snub meeting with Culture Secretary

Can Celtic improve in Europe?

Brendan Rodgers leads Bhoys to second successive treble

Trust AI in cancer fight?

PM: Artificial intelligence can be weapon in cancer fight

Painkillers freely available?

Only two per cent of people in India receive pain relief when in agony

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Monday - 21st May 2018

Next Labour leader?

Angela Rayner and Emily Thornberry tipped to take over after Corbyn

Did FBI spy on Trump?

Trump claims it is "all time biggest political scandal"

More Tory peers?

PM accused of "hypocrisy" after appointing new peers to push through Brexit

Rita Ora exploiting bisexuals?

Her latest single 'Girls' is accused of gay-baiting

Chelsea deserve FA Cup win?

Mourinho accuses the Blues of defending with "nine players"

Tesla Model 3 issues sorted?

Make or break scenario for Tesla as production needs to scale up

Facebook cryptocurrency?

Will the social media giant move into blockchain tech?

Free vote on abortion?

Pro-life SDLP allows conscience vote for members

Fasting causes diabetes?

New study says intermittent fasting can be damaging to health

Men drink more than women?

Women are drinking as much as men, but health consequences are worse

Sunday - 20th May 2018

UK still supports monarchy?

After a royal wedding it seems that the UK would love to see more

Bluster for US & North Korea?

Can talks between the two nations be salvaged?

Renationalise the railways?

The East Coast line will return to government control

Russia interfered in election?

The Senate ruled that Russia interfered to help Trump

Moyes at fault for Hart?

Joe Hart didn't make the England squad, blaming the West Ham manager

Southgate's squad right?

England manager Gareth Southgate has picked his squad for the World Cup

Gaming with disability?

Microsoft's new controller is for people with disabilities, but it is expensive

QF success for England?

How far do England need to go to be considered a success?

Physical jobs kill you sooner?

Working in a physically intensive job could be a health risk

Look after your body clock?

Could there be health issues in going against your body clock?

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Saturday - 19th May 2018

Tories win working class vote?

Do working class voters now back the Tories?

Gammon a racial slur?

Political discourse just gained a new term

UK economy set for slump?

The Bank of England forecasts a major problem

ID cards in the UK?

Does the UK need to start introducing ID cards? The public backs it

Pochettino calls out Spurs?

The Tottenham Hotspur manager made some interesting comments

Who will win the FA Cup?

Manchester United and Chelsea clash for domestic honours

Are prequels bad?

Are films and TV looking backwards too often?

Should England take Wilshere?

England need a player like Wilshere, but he represents a risk

Allardyce out, Silva in?

Everton might be set to get the manager they always wanted

Booze and cigs global threat?

Alcohol and tobacco, are they worse than illegal drugs?

Friday - 18th May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week?

A little less conversation, a little more action please?

End to 'hostile environment'?

Diane Abbott vows to close two detention centres and axe migration targets

Did May shame Corbyn?

Labour leader mocks prime minister over cabinet disarray

Dems win on net neutrality?

Senate votes to save Obama-era net neutrality protections

Favouring Virgin Care?

GP practice taken over by Virgin Care goes from outstanding to inadequate

Tierney to Atletico Madrid?

Europa League winners interested in Celtic full-back

Slashing slot machine stake?

Britain's bookies warn over potential betting shop closures and job losses

Nuns on social media?

Pope warns nuns to use "sobriety and discretion"

Kim pushes appetite lollipops?

Jameela Jamil shreds Kim Kardashian for promoting unhealthy weightloss

Exercise to help dementia?

Exercise for people with mild dementia "don't work", say researchers